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Rosh Hodesh Adar and Parody

In the first of a number of Purim-related installments here are a few links. As usual Eliezer Segal has a nice short article on “Purim, Parody and Pilpul”. Also the Jewish Heritage Online Magazine has a number of articles on Adar. Here is an article on “Purim Plays” and here one on “Parody” from the […]

New Blog

Although he doesn’t write about Rabbinic literature, I highly recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s new blog. Gladwell is a columnist at The New Yorker (some of his columns can be found at his web site) and the author of the best-selling books The Tipping Point and Blink. Gladwell is always intersting to read and I also think […]

Blogging and Academia

The Wall Street Journal Online has an interesting article on blogging, the internet and Law Reviews. The article has some relevancy to academic journals specializing in Judaic Studies although there are a number of important differences. One is that many articles in Law Reviews discuss a timely matter which has to a certain extant a […]

Women’s Prayers

In Haaretz Avigdor Shinan reviews a new book Tefilat Nashim: Psifas Nashi shel Tefilot veSipurim (“Jewish Women’s Prayers Throughout the Ages”), edited by Aliza Lavie. Shinan says that “Lavie has diligently collected numerous and diverse texts. In some cases she has included explanatory remarks about the background of their composition, biographical information or comments on […]

Conference at Touro College

On Sunday, March 5 there will be a conference at Touro College on “Conversion and Reversion to Judaism: From the Crusades to the Enlightenment.” Among the presenters will be Sid Z. Leiman, Elisheva Carlebach, and Ephraim Kanarfogel. The conference will be held at the Center for Jewish History, located at 15 West 16th Street in […]

Rashi Script

Over Shabbat lunch a guest of ours and I discussed the origins of “Rashi Script.” I thought that there might be some interest in what we found. The following passage is quoted from Mordechai Glatzer’s essay “Early Hebrew Printing” in A Sign and a Witness : 2,000 Years of Hebrew Books and Illuminated Manuscripts, p. […]

Jewish Heritage Online Magazine

I came across a nice web site which apparently has been around for a while. It is called the Jewish Heritage Online Magazine and has a number of short articles each month on a common theme. Some are from already published material but the site has some nice illustrations and graphics.

The Ten Commandments

Since this Shabbat we will be reading the Ten Commandments I thought that a few interesting links were in order. Michael Marlowe and Codex have discussions about the different traditions regarding the division of the commandments in Jewish and numerous Christian traditions. Scotusblog, the ADL and especially Marci Hamilton have good discussions about cases involving […]

Jewish Funeral Adventures

In the wake of the controversy, real or imagined, regarding the political overtones at Coretta Scott King’s funeral, Professor Bainbridge (via Kevin Drum) has dug up an example of a truly politicized funeral: “…and in the second place, after Caesar’s body had been brought to the forum, Antony pronounced the customary eulogy, and when he […]

Great Collection of Live Music On-Line

This is completely off-topic but for those who love great rock-n-roll from the 1960’s and 1970’s there is a great collection of concert music taped by the late music promoter Bill Graham which is now available on-line here. Graham was born Wolfgang Grajonca and escaped Nazi Germany as a child. The story is that somebody […]

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