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Jews and Tyre, Lebanon III

(Previous posts: Parts I, II) One of the important respositories of material from the Cairo Genizah is the collection found in the John Rylands Library. The first pieces of their Hebrew manuscript collection were acquired by Mrs. Rylands herself, and it was later augmented with the purchase of the collection of Moses Gaster which included […]

Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, V-VIII

More interesting posts in the Textual Criticism series from Codex-parts V, VI, VII and VIII.

Just Like Henry

From the Joint Distribution Committee. “Just Like Henry”, is a new education resource, developed by the JDC, to teach the true meaning of “Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh B’Zeh” to children and youth. The program demonstrates how to put this principle into action by showing Jewish needs around the world today, and gives opportunities and suggestions […]

Prof. Ezra Fleischer z"l

Today I found out that on Wednesday Prof. Ezra Fleischer z”l passed away. Fleischer z”l was one of the most important and influential scholars of Hebrew liturgy and religious poetry. He was probably the world’s expert on liturgy found in the Geniza, publishing numerous articles and books, including his seminal work Tefillah uMinhagei Tefillah Eretz-Yisraeli’im […]

Jews and Tyre, Lebanon II

(Previous posts: Part I) As I wrote in my first post on Jews and Tyre, Lebanon, the Jewish people have a long history of association with the city of Tyre. It was in the 11th century that the Jewish community in Tyre and its environs grew rapidly, paralleling a growth in the general population of […]

Jews and Tyre, Lebanon I

For most Jews and Israelis, the combination of the words Jews and Lebanon has very negative connotations. This is quite understandable, for during the past 50 years the relationship between Jews and Lebanon has not been so good. In 1948 there were 20,000 Jews in Lebanon while today there are estimated to be less than […]

Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, IV

Over at Codex part IV of the series Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible is up, “Early Versions of the Hebrew Bible”.

Israeli Bloggers

It doesn’t need to be said that we are all praying and hoping that everyone is Israel will get through this crisis safe and sound. Since this is a blog, I just wanted to alert people to a list of Israeli blogs, both in English and Hebrew. Some offer “real-time” news, others describing what they […]

The Daughters of Zelofhad

I am giving the devar Torah in our synagogue this Shabbat (our Rabbi is going on sabbatical and I’ll be giving a few during the year so there will probably be more in the pipeline), so for what it’s worth…and to anybody who may be hearing it tomorrow, I give you permission to read psalms […]

Textual Criticism of the Tanakh

Tyler F. Williams at Codex has an informative series of posts on textual criticism of the Tanakh/Hebrew Bible, including discussion of textual witnesses, methodology, etc. So far you can read parts I, II and III.

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