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Class-Action Suit on Gelatin

According to this article in Haaretz a mother and daughter are suing Strauss-Elite because for a number of years some of their products contained gelatin manufactured from the bones of animals which weren’t kosher. According to the suit, prepared by attorneys Keren Tagar and Chaim Stanger, the plaintiffs are religious women whose beliefs forbid them […]

Loss of an Important Blog

Menachem over at AJ History has written the following: I knew that the day would eventually arrive. At first I didn’t think that I’d last this long and then more recently, I thought that I could go on for a little while longer. But after over two years of blogging over six hundred and fifty […]

What was lost in the JTS Library fire?

In the library I saw a new book on the shelf, Studies in Jewish Bibliography and Medieval Hebrew Poetry: Collected Essays of Menachem Schmelzer (JTS Press). M. Schmelzer was for many years the librarian of the JTS Library and author of numerous articles on Jewish bibliography and Medieval Hebrew Poetry. An interesting short article which […]

Jews and Tyre, Lebanon V

(Previous posts: Parts I, II, III, IV) Our prayers are with the memory of those who have been killed during the past month, and for a speedy and complete recovery for the countless wounded. We pray that they will be the last. In our last post we discussed the relocation of the Palestinian Yeshiva of […]

Jews and Tyre, Lebanon IV

(Previous posts: Parts I, II, III) In the previous post in this series the letter which we posted mentioned “the President [of the Yeshiva].” Some might have been wondering what yeshiva the author of the letter was talking about. The Babylonian yeshivot of the Geonic period are well-known to many, but less well-known is the […]

Correcting Mistakes in Haftarah Reading

Today at minha the person reading the haftarah made a number of mistakes and some of those present were of the “lynch the person who makes a mistake in the haftarah” crowd. After regaining some strength after breaking the fast I decided to look into the question of correcting a mistake made in the reading […]

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