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Spertus College E-Resources-Act Now!

I have mentioned before the online resources at Spertus College and with a special membership price of only $35 for two years ending tomorrow (Jan. 31) I decided that it was worth the try. It is a great deal! First of all, the price is much less than buying one update for Bar-Ilan’s Responsa Project. […]

Book Reviews of Baalei HaTosafot III

Parts I, II The third review of Baalei HaTosafot which we will write about is that of Jacob Katz (Kiryat Sefer 31=Halakhah veKabbalah, 340-352). Without a doubt one of the most influential Jewish historians of the 20th century, Katz’s writings are some of the most important in the field of the history of Jewish Law. […]

New Book by Israel Yuval

In the last few years Prof. Israel Yuval has written some controversial theories about the relations between Jews and Gentiles in antiquity and the middle ages. Now the English-speaking public can read them in his Two Nations in Your Womb : Perceptions of Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (this is […]

SOY Seforim Sale

For lovers of seforim who want to go to the Seforim Carnival/Woodstock, the SOY Seforim Sale starts next week.

Maps of the Holy Land

For those who are interested in cartography, especially that of the Holy Land, I just saw another one of the impressive JNUL digitization projects, Holy Land Maps (via Sandbox). Here is one that I have. If one is interested there are reasonably priced maps, mostly from the 19th century, which can be purchased from numerous […]

Book Reviews of Baalei HaTosafot II

Part I here. The second review of E.E. Urbach’s Baalei HaTosafot which we would like to write about is that of Prof. Isadore Twersky (Tarbitz 26). Twersky begins his review by saying that the 19th century scholars who wrote about the Tosafot seemed unable to get beyond biographical and bibliographical information. Twersky feels that they […]

Chained Jewish Books

I just received Simcha Emmanuel’s new book, Shivrei Luhot. I haven’t read much of it and I am sure that Manuscriptboy can speak with much more authority about than subject than me. One thing that is interesting is the cover of the book which features “chained books”, since as far as I know we have […]

stnemdnammoc 01 eht

A number of years ago a friend of mine who is from Yugoslavia and is an art historian sent me a picture of a painting of the ten commandments from a synagogue in Yugoslavia. What is peculiar about the painting is that it is reversed, as though it is a negative that was turned around. […]

Question about a responsum of the Rambam

I am preparing a responsum of the Rambam for a class that I am teaching and am quite perplexed about something. The responsum is no. 148 in ed. Blau. When I look at the responsum as it appears in the Bar-Ilan Responsa Project there are a number of notes which are inserted into the text […]

Book Reviews of Baalei HaTosafot I

It is our opinion that there has been probably no book in the field of medieval rabbinic literature that was subject to so many important, sometimes quite critical reviews, as E.E. Urbach’s Baalei HaTosafot. Originally published in 1955 and then republished with revisions in a second edition, Urbach’s work still stands as one of the […]

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