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Constitutional Interpretation

For those interested in questions of legal theory, at Balkin Brian Tamanaha, the author of Law as a Means to an End, has an interesting post on “The Search for Objectivity in Constitutional Law.”

Book Reviews on Baalei HaTosafot VI

I didn’t think that there would be another installment to this series of posts, but I came across an interesting comment on the reviews of Baalei HaTosafot by the great historian Salo Baron. In a footnote found in vol. VI of his magnum opus A Social and Religious History of the Jews (p. 349 n. […]

David Ruderman for Sale!

Well, not exactly. While perusing through the latest New Republic with its new look, I came across an advertisement for a series of 24 lectures of 1/2 hour length by Prof. David Ruderman titled “Between Cross and Crescent: Jewish Civilization from Mohammed to Spinoza”. This series is available on DVD, audio CD or audiotape and […]

E-mail group on manuscript studies

Via Thoughts on Antiquity, info about a new e-mail list “which focuses on the study of manuscripts and textual criticism.” The group is Apparatus Criticus. It is a serious academic list. See more here.

Web Sites for Passover

JTS has a new website dedicated to Passover. It has some very high-quality scans from both MSS and early printed Haggadot. See also this site from the Yale University Library and this one from the Hebrew Union College. I also just saw a new book on the topic, Illuminated Haggadot from Medieval Spain: Biblical Imagery […]

Snow on Shabbat

As the snow/ice was falling right before Shabbat I realize a missed opportunity to write about a practical halakhic issue, so save the conclusion for next year. Living in an apartment building shoveling snow is not an issue, but for homeowners and shuls, the removal of snow on Shabbat raises a number of halakhic issues. […]

Book Reviews on Baalei HaTosafot V

In 1993 Prof. Yaakov Sussman published a bio-bibliographical study of E.E. Urbach’s work. Not surprisingly, much of it was devoted to Urbach’s Baalei ha-Tosafot. Sussman’s essay is full of many important comments and statements, not only on Urbach’s work, but on the study of Rabbinical Literature in general, but we will focus on only one […]

Searching for a Relative

Somewhat related to my recent post about Yizkor books, Prof. Eric Muller of Is That Legal? has posted more about his search for information about his great-uncle Leopold Müller. He has been in Germany conducting research, and was even able to examine the Gestapo file about his great-uncle and in it found medals that his […]

Yizkor Books Online

The New York Public Library’s Dorot Jewish Division has won an award for their online Yizkor Book collection (via Cliopatria). Here is the Yizkor Book from my grandfather’s town, Chorzele. The pictures are very interesting because you not only see a mixture of more traditional looking people along with others, sometimes from the same family, […]

War on Shabbat

Gil at Hirhurim has a post discussing the description from the First Book of Maccabees 2:31-41 of how at first some of the rebels would not fight back on Shabbat, and it was only after they were slaughtered that the decision was made to fight on Shabbat. “So they made this decision that day: “Let […]

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