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Non-Jews and Mezuzot

Recently there was a case in Florida of a woman who was in a legal battle with her condo association over whether she could have a mezuzah affixed to her doorpost. While the condo association claimed that the affixing of a mezuzah violated condo rules, throughout history there are a number of examples of non-Jews […]

Judaica Bookplates

While many people are familiar with collecting books, there are also people who collect bookplates. There is a blog devoted to the subject, Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie, and there are two recent posts on Judaica-related bookplates. If you collect bookplates, Bookplate Junkie is always looking for new ones.

Israeli Independence Day -59

As the photographer Pavel Wohlberg said, let the picture speak. Yom ha-Atzmaut Sameah!

Jewish-Christian Relations in the Middle Ages

My friend Dr. Jonathan Elukin has just published a book titled Living Together, Living Apart: Rethinking Jewish-Christian Relations in the Middle Ages. In this book Jonathan argues that we must rethink how we perceive the relationship between Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages. The description of the book reads as follows, This book challenges […]

An End to Niddah?

In today’s New York Times there was an article about a new birth-control pill, Lybrel, which might be approved by the FDA in the coming weeks. What is different about this pill is that it eliminates menstruation all-together. Since a birth-control pill inhibits ovulation, when a woman taking a birth-control pill menstruates, it is because […]

The Earliest Printed Book in Hebrew

At Britannica Blog, via Cliopatria, there is a partial listing of the first books printed in numerous languages (see numerous corrections in the comments). For Hebrew there is listed “Rashi, [Commentary on the Midrash] (Rome, Italy, 1470)”. This is only partially correct. The first book printed in Hebrew with a date is Rashi’s commentary on […]

Preparing for Passover

As I take a break from cleaning for Passover, a few quick links to a relatively reasonable set of guidelines for Passover preparation. See this summary of instructions from R. Pinchas Scheinberg for cleaning and other Passover-related questions. I first saw this many years ago, and although I think that one can even be more […]

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