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English Translations of Rabbinic Bible Commentary

Yisrael Dubitsky has posted at Seforim a comprehensive list of English translations of medieval and modern rabbinic bible commentaries.

Nicholas of Lyra and Rashi

I have posted before about Nicholas of Lyra and his relationship with Rashi. Over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry there is a post about him and a recent lecture by Dr. Deeana Copeland Klepper which touched upon Nicholas of Lyra and Rashi. Dr. Klepper has recently published The Insight of Unbelievers: Nicholas of Lyra and Christian […]

Articles on Papyri Now Online

The important journal Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik has posted some of its recent issues online (via Thoughts on Antiquity).  Not that this is a journal which I read very often, but it happens to contain a number of very interesting articles by Prof. Hannah Cotton of Hebrew U. on the papyri that were found […]

Some Wikipedia News

For those of you who thought that you could make totally anonymous changes to Wikipedia entries, think again.  It seems that someone at Cal Tech has developed a program to at least identify the computer networks from which changes were made.  Here are some of the interesting finds from the BBC. On the profile of […]

How Did Rashi Make a Living?

See the very good post by Mayer I. Gruber at Seforim on “How Did Rashi Make a Living?”

C.S. Lewis on the Historical-Critical Method

There has been an interesting exchange concerning the goals and methodology of the historical-critical method of scholarship.  The catalyst for this latest discussion was a post at biblicalia which brought a quote from C.S. Lewis that included the following, The Historical Point of View, put briefly, means that when a learned man is presented with […]

Hadrian found in SE Turkey

The Jewish people and Hadrian definitely didn’t have the best of relationships, remember those “Hadrianic Persecutions”. There are lots of interesting historical questions regarding these persecutions. What specifically were they? Why did Hadrian institute them? What is the relationship between them and the Bar-Kochba revolt? Well in SE Turkey it seems that a 15 foot […]

Raul Hilberg 1926-2007

A few days ago the great historian of the Shoah, Raul Hilberg, passed away. Hilberg was best known for his monumental work The Destruction of the European Jews, probably the first comprehensive history of the Shoah. Although many important books on the Shoah have been written since Hilberg’s classic, e.g. Christopher Browning’s The Origins of […]

Medieval Manuscript Manual

PK over at BibliOdyssey has linked to a manuscript manual found at Columbia University’s Digital Scriptorium. The Digital Scriptorium has a few images of Hebrew manuscripts.  PK also links to this informative site on the manufacture of manuscripts.

Even though he has sinned, he is still a Jew

ישראל אף על פי שחטא ישראל הוא – סנהדרין מד ×¢”א “A Jew, even though they have sinned, is still a Jew” – Sanhedrin 44a On Sunday Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, the former Archbishop of Paris passed away. Born Aaron Lustiger, Cardinal Lustiger converted to Catholicism in 1940 at the age of 13. At the time […]

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