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Constitutional Interpretation

While I often think that people tend to err when they try to develop a theory of Jewish law based upon American law, there is often much about American legal theory which can inform the debate about a legal theory of Jewish law.  There is a very interesting post by Lawrence B. Solum at his […]

More on the text of the Tanakh

In the sources I cited at the end of this post, I forgot to mention two important articles that are available online. 1. Jeffrey Tigay, “The Bible Codes: A Textual Perspective” 2. Menachem Cohen, “The Idea of the Sanctity of the Biblical Text and the Science of Textual Criticism” update: Here’s an additional article by […]

Did Ancient Judaism Exist?

Philip Harland has an interesting post about a recent article by Steve Mason. Philip had this, and much more, to say about the article. Mason convincingly argues that Ioudaioi (traditionally translated “Jews”) and related terms should be understood in terms of ethnic groupings in antiquity. For the Hellenistic and Roman periods (at least until the […]

The Middle Verse of the Torah

In the Babylonian Talmud, Kiddushin 30a, there are two sources which discuss different aspects of the text of the Tanakh. The first source relates to the middle verse of a number of sections of the Tanakh. ׳לפיכך נקראו ראשונים סופרים – שהיו סופרים כל האותיות שבתורה, שהיו אומרים: וא”ו דגחון (ויקרא יא:מב) – חציין של […]

Congratulating Boston

As a Yankee fan there have been many difficult moments during these past few weeks, but I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Boston.  Not the Red Sox, I am not that desperate, but rather the Boston Library Consortium. The BLC has decided to work with the Open Content Alliance in facilitating the […]

Ancient Near East Resources

Targuman linked to this bibliography of Targum studies.  The bibliography is linked to from Okeanos which is a very good web resource for studies, bibliographies, resources, etc. on the Ancient Near East.

Organizing PDF’s

Practically everyone uses PDF files, whether it is reading a paper or article that someone has sent you, or downloading something from JSTOR, Google Books, Hebrew Books, Project Muse, or similar sites, many people don’t organize their PDF’s very well. While you can simply keep them in different folders and view them with Adobe Reader, […]

Which Bible Translation to Use

There have been a number of recent blog postings about Bible translations. Ancient Hebrew Poetry has posted here and here, and Iyov has posted here.

Google’s Jewish Books

I have been going through Google Books and have found some that people may want to download. 1. Louis Ginzberg, Geonica vol. I , vol. II 2. The Guide of the Perplexed, trans. Michael Friedlander 3. Moses Mielziner, Introduction to the Talmud 4. Israel Davidson, Parody in Jewish Literature 5. Catalogue of the Hebrew Books […]

You can…to the animals

Gil at Hirhurim has the lowdown on an interesting Rashi regarding Adam and the animal kingdom.

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