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Barack Obama and Jewish Law

Orin Kerr has a post at the Volokh Conspiracy in which he asks “Who Would Barack Obama Nominate to the Supreme Court?” Kerr brings a few quotes from Barack Obama regarding judges, one of which is, I taught constitutional law for 10 years, and . . . when you look at what makes a great […]

How many mistakes in this article?

The JTA really needs some help fixing this article. —————— “Kitzur Shulchan Aruch” published in Portuguese Portuguese-speaking Jews will be able to study the landmark “Code of Jewish Law” in their mother tongue. The two-volume set of the “Kitzur Shulchan Aruch,” or “Code of Jewish Law,” authored some 350 years ago by Rabbi Yosef Caro […]

JTS Digital Collection

From JTS publicity: ————– New York, NY, February 19, 2008 — The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary announces the launch of a digital library which provides global access to some of Jewish history’s most outstanding treasures. The purchase of the digital library software (DigiTool) was made possible through the generous support of the Rebell […]

More by David Berger

As a follow-up to this post, I want to point out that David Berger has a longer piece in the Jerusalem Post on the recent liturgical happenings in Catholic liturgy. His conclusion: In the final analysis, Jewish objections should be carefully formulated and should not indicate that the Christian belief that Jews will convert at […]

Rabban Gamliel and Two Romans

There is a story found in a number of places in rabbinic literature which features a rabbi(s), Romans, and what were/are for some people, a number of problematic matters in Jewish law which seem to discriminate between Jews and non-Jews. I will bring one version of the story in full, pointing out the differences between […]

Article on Prof. David Weiss Halivni

Haaretz has an article on Prof. David Weiss Halivni.

Harvard’s Move Towards Open-Access Scholarship

Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences has voted to make available their research to the world at large in an open-access framework. To assist the University in distributing the articles, each Faculty member will provide an electronic copy of the final version of the article at no charge to the appropriate representative of the Provost’s […]

Genetics and the Jewish Identity

There’s an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post on “Genetics and the Jewish Identity.” The conclusion is very important. What genetic data cannot tell us is who is a Jew. The answers to that question are, variously, halachic, political and cultural. On a purely technical level, there is no genetic screen that can sort Jews […]

The Steinsaltz Talmud Reference Guide

I just had to look up something in The Talmud-The Steinsaltz Edition: A Reference Guide. Luckily I was given one as a gift a number of years ago, but does anyone know why this hasn’t been reprinted? Used copies are selling for around $70 to $150 or more. While published by Random House, the copyright […]

Silly Love Songs

There was a recent article in the Jewish Week about Sherwood Goffin, the cantor of the Lincoln Square Synagogue. Goffin was lamenting the current state of leading prayer services and what may be termed the over-Carlbachization of prayer services. He is upset that many people lead services and have no idea about what is the […]

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