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Judge Rules Church Can Fire Teacher For Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy

A recent case whose legal justification sounds interesting. Judge Rules Church Can Fire Teacher For Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy: “ A Brooklyn woman’s claim that she was unfairly fired from a Seventh-Day Adventist church’s school for being pregnant–and unmarried–was quashed by a federal judge yesterday. Back in 2001, Jewel Redhead was fired from the Linden Seventh Adventist […]

Body Waste-related Conference

From Rogue Classicism: First call for papers Conference: Roman latrines and cesspit toilets in the northwestern provinces. Contact: Latrine2009 AT The public and private toilets in the Roman cities in the Mediterranean area have been the subject of archaeological research for many years. We know a great deal about the way these toilets were […]

Responsa of R. Nachum Eliezer Rabinovitz

R. Nachum Eliezer Rabinovitz is the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Birkat Moshe. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including the commentary on the Mishneh Torah, Yad Peshutah. I am no fan of R. Rabinovitz’s politics, but I do find his halakhic writings challenging and informative. I am therefore looking forward to looking […]

Students who are scared by syllabi

Almost everyone who has taught a course on a university-level has experienced the complaints of students after they see the syllabus and what you expect of them. Read what this lecturer wrote in their syllabus. I recognize that I have assigned a lot of reading for a seminar. Before many of you go to the […]

James Bond meets Hadrian

Rogue Classicism has the latest on the cinematic production “Hadrian”, starring Daniel Craig.

New Printing of Yerushalmi Nezikin

From Benjamin Richler on H-Judaic: New publication from The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Yerushalmi Neziqin, edited from the Escorial Manuscript, with an introduction by E.S. Rosenthal; introduction and commentary by S. Lieberman. Now includes fragments from the Italian Genizah, with introductions by David Rosenthal. Third printing Jerusalem 2008 (first printing Jerusalem 1983). vi […]

More on Exchanging Prisoners with Terrorists

There has been much discussion about the recent prisoner exchange with Hezbollah, see a little from me here, this post for a summary of some halakhic opinions, and this one for a discussion from a security standpoint (hat tip). What has been pointed out by some, and all of these discussions are relatively easy for […]

New from the JNUL-July, 2008

Here are some new books which I have seen catalogued at the JNUL in the past few weeks and that I haven’t seen mentioned on other blogs. 1. A new edition of Ginat Veradim on כללי הש”ס by R. Yosef Teumim. 2. The Book of Psalms with the Hebrew and an English translation. What was […]

More on an alternative to the Chief Rabbinate

Haaretz has more on attempts to set up an alternative Rabbinic court system.

R. Samson Raphael Hirsch, JTS and Different Translations

Dr. Meir Hildesheimer has written about R. Samson Raphael Hirsch at Seforim. An ironic bibliographical note, which I always found interesting, is that the translator into English of Hirsch’s The Nineteen Letters of Ben Uziel: Being a Spiritual Presentation of the Principles of Judaism, was none other than R. Dr. Bernard Drachman, a graduate of […]

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