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Shanah Tovah

שנה טובה וגמר חתימה טובה from here

New Issue of Meorot-7:1

Hirhurim has a list of the articles that appear in the new issue of Meorot. I just wanted to comment on one of them. R. Yaakov Love wrote on “Inviting a Gentile on Yom Tov.” For those interested in the question, I recommend his article, and I wanted to add something to what he wrote. […]

The Historical Jesus

A new book on the subject, The Historical Jesus: A Comprehensive Guide This textbook by Germany’s most interesting New Testament scholar and his assistant is likely to become a standard work on Jesus. After surveying the quest for the historical Jesus, it assesses the sources, non-Christian and Christian, for Jesus. Then it examines the historical, […]

Tashlich Takedown

R. Alan Yuter has a few critical words here about Artscroll’s, or at least the book which they published, take on tashlich. The political significance of Feuer’s Judaism is to infantilize Jewry into an obedient and uncritical mass whose world is hopelessly enchanted and frightful. The right reverend rabbis who possess both Daas Torah and […]

True piety or true ignorance?

From Ynet. Eleven Israeli backpackers were stranded in a snowstorm in northwestern India during the weekend, and rescued in a complex mission launched by the country’s air force. But two other Israeli backpackers were left behind – refusing to be rescued as it would constitute desecration of Shabbat. (hat tip)

The Other Elections and the Jewish Vote

While there has been much reporting in the last few months on the voting patterns of the Jewish community in the United States, see here for a recent poll, just to the north of us another election is happening in the next few weeks. On Oct. 14, the first day of Sukkot (see here), there […]

Popular Halakhic Literature in 14th c. Spain

Yehudah D. Galinsky has an article in the new JQR, 98/3, Summer 2008, “On Popular Halakhic Literature and the Jewish Reading Audience in Fourteenth-Century Spain.” From the abstract, The thirteenth and fourteenth centuries was not an auspicious period for the Jews of Europe. In contrast, the Jewish communities of Christian Spain seem to have been […]

The Rest is Commentary

Philologos writes about “The rest is commentary” (ואידך פירושא הוא זיל גמור) (B. Shabbat 31a, translation). The phrase “everything else is commentary,” or, as it is more frequently encountered, “the rest is commentary,” has in recent years become such a part of the English language that many people are unaware of its Jewish roots. Yet […]

Martin van Creveld on “The Culture of War”

There’s another good book review from the NY Sun (hat tip), which, by the way, is in serious financial trouble, and I don’t think that the Fed is planning to bail it out. Of all of the professors and scholars in Israel, probably the one who might be the most well-known and influential around the […]

AJU Material for the Yamim Noraim

American Jewish University (formerly the University of Judaism) has posted a number of videos for the Yamim Noraim and a source-packet.

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