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Ahavat Tzion ve-Yerushalayim on HebrewBooks

For those Talmud Yerushalmi learners out there, the most recent update from HebrewBooks includes Ber Ratner’s Ahavat Tzion ve-Yerushalayim. This important work collects citations from the Jerusalem Talmud that are found in the Rishonim. Decades ago J.N. Epstein started an updated version, and I think that in some storage room there are tens of thousands […]

Siege at Chabad House in Mumbai Over

From the streaming video reports that I am seeing on Indian News it seems that the battle for the Chabad House (Nariman House) is over. There is no word about the fate of the hostages, although until now the reports have not been very promising. Update: The Indian police commissioner is being interviewed and is […] Blog and Thanksgiving

The fantastic website has recently started a blog. They have a post linking to many responsa and sources which discuss the kashrut of turkey. I also remember seeing a book in Yiddish years back about the kashrut of Turkey. Not knowing Yiddish, I didn’t buy it nor remember its title.

Thanksgiving 2008

I wish everyone a happy and joyous Thanksgiving. Our prayers go out to all those American servicemen and women who are separated from their families this Thanksgiving, and to all of those who were wounded in the ongoing terrorist attacks in Mumbai. For updates on the hostage drama at the Chabad House, see here for […]

David Kaufmann and his MSS Online

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has posted online a small part of the MSS collection of David Kaufmann. (here) The interface is simple and very easy to use. This collection includes the most important MS of his collection, and one of the most important Hebrew MS in existence, the Kaufmann MS of the Mishnah. (here) […]

Rabbi M. Triebitz-History and Development of the Talmud 5-8

Rabbi M. Triebitz has posted some more lectures from his series, The History and Development of the Talmud. Parts 5, 6, 7, and 8 are now online.

New info on the Rashba

R. Shelomo b. Adret (the “Rashba,” 1235-1310) has long been recognized as one of the authoritative halakhists and commentators of the medieval period, if not, all of Jewish history. The thousands of his responsa which are extant have long been a source for the history of halakhah and the history of Jews in Spain (see […]

Who was William Wickes

I once posted about two very important books on טעמי המקרא, Biblical Cantillation, which were written by the Reverend Dr. William Wickes. See this recent post by Lion of Zion which refers to one of them. Victor Tunkel has posted a comment to that post, and points out that in his book, The Music of […]

More on Adam and the Animals

In the Middle has some comments on Eric Lawee’s article, “The Reception of Rashi’s Commentary on the Torah In Spain: The Case of Adam’s Mating with the Animals,” Jewish Quarterly Review 97.1 (2007): 33-66. See here for Hirhurim’s summary of some of the article.

Interviews with Abraham Joshua Heschel

On a tip from an e-mail listserv, some clips from interviews with R. Abraham Joshua Heschel.

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