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Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

I am in the middle of a wonderful trip to Israel with my family and I haven’t been able to blog very much.  So far the trip has been very enjoyable.  It is nice to be here during Chanukkah, and  being a hotel where there is a not only a communal candle-lighting ceremony but also […]

The Language of Talmudic Discourse

What looks to be like a very interesting dissertation: שפות השיח התלמודי : עיון פילוסופי בדרכי ההתהוות של ההלכה האמוראית / מאת אריאל פורסטנברג. The languages of Talmudic discourse : a philosophical study of the evolution of Amoraic Halakha / by Ariel Furstenberg.

The Madoff Debacle and the Jewish Community

The Jerusalem Post has an article about the extent of the Madoff debacle and its potential fallout for the Jewish community. A partial review by The Jerusalem Post Monday revealed at least $600 million in Jewish charitable funds were wiped out by the collapse of a Wall Street investment firm, with perhaps another $1.5 billion […]

Some Thoughts Before a Trip to Israel

We are going to Israel in a few days for a visit and these are some timely and challenging thoughts about the meaning of Israel and Zionism from David Hartman: The Zionist revolution expanded the rabbinic spirit of confidence and trust in human initiative to new dimensions by liberating Jews from the traditional passive orientation […]

The Bavli at the App Store

For those with an iPhone, from the App Store: The Talmud Bavli with Rashi

Engendering Judaism-Girsah Ivrit

Haaretz has an article about the Hebrew publication of Rachel Adler’s Engendering Judaism: An Inclusive Theology and Ethics. An interesting article was again marred by bad translation. See the following from the English version of the article. The emphasis is mine. These insights are not acceptable in any way to scholars of the Conservative stream […]

List of Early Judeo-Christian Texts

NT Wrong has a useful list of Early Judeo-Christian Texts.

James Kugel and Wellhausen’s Resignation

Curious Jew has posted notes from of a very interesting talk giving by Prof. James Kugel at YU. (Also linked to here.) While the title of the talk was “Midrash Before Hazal: Why It’s Important For Orthodox Jews,” Kugel touches upon a number of other topics. During his talk, Kugel mentions that Julius Wellhausen resigned […]

A Mother’s Plea

Anybody who was in Israel during those few days in the fall of 1994 will never forget how an entire country waited with the hope that Nachshon Wachsman would return home alive to his family. Both during the time that he was held captive and in the aftermath of his death in a failed rescue […]

Academic Workflow for a Mac

Many people are always trying to make their workflow more efficient. There is a very helpful thread at the Efficient Academic Google group. One of the posts linked to these two excellent articles for academic Mac users. 1. Some affordable Mac apps for academic tasks 2. My paperless academic workflow

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