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Jewish Law and Health Care

Many Jewish groups have been speaking out about the current debate surrounding health care reform, with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism even setting up a separate web site, Jews for Health Care Reform. Usually I believe that Judaism never comes down on one side of a public policy debate, rather it demands certain […]

New Book-The New Testament and Rabbinic Literature

A new book from Brill with an October 2009 publication date, The New Testament and Rabbinic Literature, Edited by Reimund Bieringer, Florentino García Martínez, Didier Pollefeyt & Peter J. Tomson. The present book brings together the contributions of the foremost specialists on the relationship of the New Testament and Rabbinic Literature. It contains the proceedings […]

Urinating (on) Rabbis

After my previous posts of urinating rabbis, I couldn’t pass this one up. From Ynet via Vos Iz Neias? The Lod religious council has come up with an original solution to stop the indecent act of residents urinating on one of the walls outside its offices – one of the council’s employees adorned the wall […]

Jewish Books and Booksellers

Henry Hollander gave a talk on “Prospects for Jewish Libraries and Jewish Bookstores” to the Association of Jewish Libraries conference. It is worth a read for those concerned about Jewish books and bookstores. A snippet. Between now and the time e-reading is taken for granted things will remain difficult. Some types of books will survive […]

Another Epigraphical Rabbi

It seems that another burial cave of a rabbi was discovered in Tzippori. (hat tip) See here for a previous post on epigraphical rabbis. Apparently this inscription is in Aramaic and says “This is the burial[place-MM] of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi ha-Kappar.” That he inscription says “Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi ha-Kappar” leads some to think […]

Timers, “Death Panels,” and Health Care

While some Americans are manning the barricades against the imaginary “death panels,” Israel has been instituting The Terminally Ill Patient Law/The Dying Patient Act (חוק החולה הנוטה למות). One of the aspects of terminal illness that the law deals with is stopping artificial respiration. The solution, one proposed a number of years ago, is to […]

Julian the Apostate and the Jews

It seems that this summer has been rich with many important archaeological finds in Israel and the latest one is a Roman mansion found in the City of David. Dr. Doron Ben-Ami, the excavation’s director said that “[the] building most likely met its end during a massive earthquake that shook Jerusalem in 363 CE.” In […]

Yo Ya

Today we picked up our son from camp and I got to not only meet his friends and counselors, but also to spend some time with old camp friends. During lunch the kids were singing and dancing and one of the songs which they danced to was Yo-Ya. It was written in the early 1970’s […]

More on Urinating Rabbis

Not that anyone should think that I have some fixation about urination, but my previous post on “Urinating Rabbis” is still buzzing around my head. Being that no one took up the challenge of commenting on the text that I brought from the Talmud, I had to find something to say in addition to what […]

Exercising, Diet, and Drinking Water

Scienceblogs has a few interesting posts about diet and exercise. The posters are trying to dispel myths and give people access to what science knows about these issues. Who are you calling fat, eh? The myth about exercise? Gimme a break. How much water do I really need when I exercise?

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