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Wearing Crocs on Yom Kippur

Much has been written about Rav Elyashiv’s alleged statement that it is prohibited to where Croc’s on Yom Kippur. While I didn’t have time to write anything about it before YK, I thought that it was still important to bring some sources which address the issue. The prohibition of wearing leather shoes on YK is […]

The Torah as Political Theory

At Seforim see Joshua Berman’s post on What Orthodoxy Can Gain From Academic Biblical Studies: The Torah as Political Theory.

Untaneh Tokef

Ynet has an article (Hebrew) titled “From Mainz to Beit ha-Shitta.” The article talks about one of the central prayers of the Yamim Noraim, Untaneh Tokef (see here for the poem in Hebrew). The authorship of this liturgical piece was attributed to Rabbi Amnon of Mainz (11th c.) for many years and recently it has […]

Language Terminology

I came across a useful site that explains many terms used in linguistics and grammar study, Online Dictionary of Language Terminology.

Sifre be-Midbar added to Accordance

The midrash Sifre be-Midbar (Sifre on Numbers) has been added to Accordance. The text is from MS Oxford Bodleian 151.

New Hebrew Translation of Nach

A recent mailing from the Israeli publisher Rubin Mass describes a new translation of Nach (Nevi’im, Ketuvim). The series is called Yesod Malchut and consists of a modern Hebrew interlinear translation of the text along with Rashi’s commentary which also has a short explanatory commentary. Below is an image from the email. For information regarding […]

Shofar on Shabbat Redux

See here for a previous post about blowing the Shofar on Shabbat and this post from Seforim and this article which Dan links to. Update: Maariv has an article on the shofar blowing this past shabbat in Jerusalem.

Shanah Tovah 5770

I wish everyone a שנה טובה. I am surprised that I haven’t heard more about the numerical significance of this year, (5)770. Who knows, maybe this year will be the big one. Then again, in Hebrew it is תש”×¢, maybe something is in the cards for יש”×¢. Then again, maybe we should be focusing on […]

A Treasure Chest on Y.N. Epstein

Manuscriptboy links to a high school (!) paper from on Y.N. Epstein that was written by his granddaughter. This paper gives us a taste of what hopefully still exists from Epstein’s papers. It includes descriptions of correspondence with dozens of scholars and public figures over decades. Among those Epstein corresponded with were H.N. Bialik, R. […]

The UN’s Latest Piece of Trash

In a series of posts Elder of Ziyon shows why the latest piece of trash from the UN is just that. Update: NGO Monitor has posted a few more reasons to ignore the substance, but not necessarily the political implications IMHO, of this report.

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