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Getting Sued for a Harsh Book Review

Crooked Timber writes about someone who is suing over a harsh review of their book…in a journal devoted to law. So you don’t think that it’s some litigious American at work here, it’s almost all Euro. You can read more about it here at Opinio Juris.

Naphtali Wieder’s Obituary

Here is an informative obituary of Naphtali Wieder (1905-2001) from the Independent.

A New Psalm

Rabbi Benjamin J. Segal has started to blog about the book of Psalms at A New Psalm.

Purim: Did It, or Didn’t It Happen?

Dr. Thamar E. Gindin has posted Hebrew summaries of a series of lectures that she gave on the historicity of the Scroll of Esther. The summaries can be found here. Also see this post (Hebrew) on the burial places of Esther and Mordechai by Orli Rahimian.

Purim in Dubai

Since the coverage of the visit to Dubai by certain foreigners is sometimes bordering on the comical, and the apparent quick exit to Iran by some of the above mentioned foreign nationals, a little Purim levity is called for. On a serious note, I’ll be glad to have the Mossad borrow my name to kill […]

Parashat Zachor

This Shabbat is Parashat Zachor, the maftir that grammarians and Torah readers love to ponder upon. For a discussion of the issues related to this Torah reading and the mistaken custom of some synagogues, see here and here. In today’s installment of his program, באופן מילולי, (“Literally Speaking”) Dr. Avshalom Koor discussed a few things-Parashat […]

Shaul Stampfer: Families, Rabbis and Education

Shaul Stampfer’s new book, Families Rabbis and Education: Essays on Traditional Jewish Society in Eastern Europe, has just been published. Below is the table of contents. The Social Implications of Very Early Marriage in Eastern Europe in the Nineteenth Century Love and Family Life among East European Jewry in the Modern Period Scientific Welfare and […]

Those Audacious Jews

A number of years ago the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Publication Society published two books for Jews and Muslims. One was by Khalid Durán, Children of Abraham: An Introduction to Islam for Jews. I haven’t read the book, but it seems that some Muslims weren’t very happy about it. A companion book was […]

The Lonely Streimels

Green Prophet has a post describing a bill which is currently being discussed in the Knesset that would would “that would ban the sale and import of most fur and fur items.” The one major exception would be the streimel. See also this report at Vos iz Neias and this one at Failed Messiah. This […]

New Aramaic-Hebrew Dictionary

Prof. Daniel Sivan and Dr. Chaim Dihi have written a new Aramaic-Hebrew dictionary. The dictionary is for the reader who wants to familiarize themselves with Aramaic words which are used in modern Hebrew.

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