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If You’re Looking for Something to Listen to…

If you’re looking for something to listen to while you are preparing for the seder, and if you’re not preparing for the seder, if you are interested in the contemporary meaning of the seder and Passover, I highly recommend that you listen to the radio program Hatza’ah Le-Seder which features the author Yochi Brandes and […]

Rabbi Benny Lau’s Shabbat ha-Gadol Derashah

Magash Hakesef has posted a report of Rabbi Benny Lau’s Shabbat ha-Gadol Derashah and a link to the derashah itself (Hebrew). Hag Kasher ve-Sameah.

Rabbi Amsalem is at it Again

Member of Knesset Rabbi Chaim Amsalem of Shas has apparently written another halakhic work on a controversial topic. See here for a short discussion about his book on conversion. According to Kikar ha-Shabbat, (hat tip), Rabbi Amsalem has written about the current controversy, scandal might be a better description, over the building of a fortified […]

Rav Moshe and Seven Clean Days

The Talmud Blog has a post about some of the more recent episodes of Srugim, addressing the question of the Seven Clean Days. Shai links to an older post of mine which reported an attempt to be more lenient with regard to these days when the timing of a woman’s ovulation made it very difficult […]

Book Sale at the Seforim Blog

The Seforim Blog has posted a list of hard-to-find and out-of-print books for sale. This is only the first list, with more to come. It includes a number of titles from Magnes Press.

Iraqi Jewish Books

Galei Tzahal (Israel Army Radio) is reporting that the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is accusing Israel of stealing hundreds of Jewish books from Iraq. According to the report, a few years ago around three hundred Jewish books which were in the possession of the Iraqi Jewish community were smuggled out of Iraq to […]

Introduction to the Tosefta

The very good blog, Tosefta Online, has a series of informative posts, Introduction to the Tosefta, addressing questions of dating, authorship, manuscripts, and printed editions.

Ha Lachmah Anya and Haggadah Translations

This post is dedicated to the memory of Megan Charlop z”l, who was killed yesterday while riding her bicycle in the Bronx. Her life was filled with acts of hesed and she lived her life according to the Haggadah’s exhortation, “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” May her memory be for a blessing. […]

But It’s Against Mesorah!

Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky has a post at Morethodoxy, The Mesorah and Her Alleged Heretics. It is unmistakable that our received tradition instructs us to continuously reflect upon our long-standing practices. For the fact that a given practice is long-standing can point either to the conclusion that it is worthy and good, or to the conclusion […]

Medicine for Passover

I saw the following advertisement on a website. I wasn’t sure if this was anti-humra medicine, or anti-hametz (hamira) medicine. Although it is a long way until Purim, I wonder what some side effects might be.

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