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Toldot Tannaim ve-Amoraim on Hebrew Books

The very important work Toldot Tannaim ve-Amoraim is now at Hebrew Books: vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3. This book is a must for anyone who does any work with Talmudic literature and it has been out-of-print for some time.

A Bomberg Talmud and a Gutenberg Bible in One Place

An exhibition just ended at Lambeth Palace Library in London that featured both a complete Bomberg Talmud and a Gutenberg Bible. Read here about the very interesting history of this copy of the Bomberg Talmud.

Halakhah and Historical Reality

Tomer Persico has a posted (Hebrew) about another article by Yoav Sorek, this one was about Tisha B’av and how the historical reality of Israel behooves us to change the way the day is observed. I haven’t read Sorek’s article, but Persico posted his own response which was printed in Makor Rishon. Persico wrote that […]

Sayed Kashua Honored in SF

From the JTA: San Francisco’s Israeli Consul General Akiva Tor called it “the best television we’ve produced in the last decade” and “the ultimate destruction of PC.” He’s talking about “Arab Labor,” the wildly popular and wickedly funny Israeli sit-com about an Arab-Israeli family trying to make their way in the Jewish state. The show’s […]

The Orthodox Envelope Gets Pushed a Little More

From the Jewish Week. (hat tip Failed Messiah) In a move that apparently would make history for an Orthodox synagogue in the United States, the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale is scheduled Friday night to have a woman lead a Kabbalat Shabbat service where both men and women are expected to be in the pews. Update: […]

Lists of Women Everywhere

At Divrei Chaim there is a post discussing some of the orthodox rabbinical discussions about women in leadership roles. This comes not so long after the Forward Sisterhood blog published the Sisterhood 50 of “America’s Influential Women Rabbis.” Today I just saw another list of influential women, but of a somewhat different nature. In the […]

Ketiv and Kri

For a good summary in English of different opinions on the origins of Ketiv and Qere, see the article The Origins of Ketiv-Qere Readings by Michael Graves. In order to read the Hebrew, most people will have to download additional fonts. For those who have access to Leshoneinu, the last few issues have had a […]

New ‘Reflections,’ Hartman Institute E-Magazine of Ideas, Now Online

New ‘Reflections,’ Hartman Institute E-Magazine of Ideas, Now Online The newest issue of Reflections, the Shalom Hartman Institute electronic magazine of ideas, is now online. Among the articles: Israeli Society and the ‘Society of Learners’ by Professors Shlomo Naeh, Zvi Zohar and Elhanan Reiner who discuss the place of Torah scholars within the Jewish People […]

Legal Formalists versus Legal Realists

This past year, Brian Tamanaha published a book that has caused a bit of a stir in the legal theory world. In his book, Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide: The Role of Politics in Judging, Tamanaha discusses the state of Formalist and Realist schools of jurisprudence in nineteenth century America. The book has been discussed quite […]

Tiferet Ḥatanim

Roni Weinstein is interviewed here (Hebrew) about the 17th c. Italian sex and marriage manual Tiferet Ḥatanim. Weinstein, the author of Marriage Rituals Italian Style: A Historical Anthropological Perspective on Early Modern Italian Jews, thinks that Tiferet Ḥatanim may have been the first book of its kind. This Hebrew editions seems to have been preceded […]

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