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Pshita, Just Learn Talmud

Here is a nice video (Hebrew) on Talmud study from our friends at Pshita.

Can Someone Get Me This Sticker?

Hiddush brings the Rambam to places that he never could have imagined.

Lo Tehanem and Censorship

There is another aspect of the prohibition of Lo Tehanem that I would like to write about. For some background see this previous post. Not surprisingly, as with many topics addressing the relationship between Jews and non-Jews, the texts that discuss this issue have an interesting textual history. I want to illustrate this by examining […]

Prof. Ehud Netzer z”l

PaleoJudaica is also reporting from multiple sources that Prof. Ehud Netzer has passed away. May his memory be for a blessing.

A.M. Haberman’s Collected Writings

Mercaz Zalman Shazar has published a collection of A.M. Haberman’s writings, edited by Avigdor Shinan. I haven’t been able to find any information about the contents of the book.

Prof. Ehud Netzer Seriously Injured at Herodium

According to INN (Hebrew), Prof. Ehud Netzer was seriously injured in a fall at Herodium. Prof. Netzer has been overseeing the excavations there for forty years. החלמה מהירה.

Jews and Healing in the Middle Ages

This paper was presented at a conference a few years ago, but it hasn’t lost its relevance. (hat tip) Jews and Healing in the Middle Ages: The Harmonisation of Jewish Beliefs with Theories and Practices of Different Western Medical Traditions. Available here. By Carmen Caballero-Navas Paper given at the Conference on Religion and Healing and […]

Rabbi Yehudah Gilad Eulogizes the Chief Rabbinate

In reaction to the Chief Rabbinate questioning the validity of conversion done by the IDF Rabbinate, Rabbi Yehudah Gilad has written the following. עם כל החשיבות לנושאים כמו כשרות, שבת ושרותי דת, אין כיום בארץ שום עניין יהודי ציבורי המתקרב בחשיבותו לאתגר חשוב ×–×”, שההתמודדות עימו קריטית לעתידנו כאן כמדינה יהודית. צריך להודות ולומר בהגינות, […]

Shmuel Eliyahu’s Arab Problem

The Chief Rabbi of Tzfat, Shmuel Eliyahu, recently called for people to refrain from renting apartments to Israeli Arab college students and in order to prevent social contact, the establishment of separate institution for Jewish and Arab students. A few days ago it seems that a group of Jews took up Eliyahu’s suggestion, getting into […]

Who Writes Those Haaretz Headlines?

Haaretz has an article about Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro of Torat ha-Melekh fame. He has publicized a statement that Israeli soldiers should continues using Palestinians as human shields, since the lives of soldiers are more valuable than those of Palestinians. What caught my eye was the difference in the headlines between the English and Hebrew editions […]

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