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The One State/Two State Blues

Danny Rubinstein has published an article in Dissent One State/Two States: Rethinking Israel and Palestine. (hat tip) Rubinstein has been writing about the Palestinians for decades, and his article is worth reading. Along with Rubinstein’s article, read Alex Yakobson’s response, Two States or One (Arab) State.

Rabbi Amsalem and the Worst Haaretz Translation Ever

Haaretz has an interview (hat tip) with Rabbi Haim Amsalem. The interview is interesting, both for the discussion about Amsalem’s background and his comments on the events of the last few weeks. A major problem is that the English version (Hebrew version here) includes a horrible translation error. This is what is written in the […]

Ynet Celebrates Thanksgiving

The Jewish section of Ynet (Hebrew only, the English version usually isn’t very interesting.) seems to be full of things on this Thanksgiving Day. The Rabbi Amsalam/Shas saga continues. Yael Mishaeli says that he should give back his Knesset seat. Kobi Nachshoni writes about the all-out assault against Ambsalam by the Shas daily newspaper. They […]

Rabbi Sherlow on Lo Tehanem

Ynet reports (Hebrew) on an upcoming article by Rabbi Yuval Sherlow on the question of renting apartments to Arabs in Israel. See here for a previous post on the subject. Rabbi Sherlow wrote, It is not possible to establish a Jewish governing authority without also worrying about non-Jews that live among us regarding housing and […]

What’s This Dispute About?

For those who are interested in reading a defense of agenda-driven Artscroll-type history, read Gil Student’s post on modern historiography of the Barcelona Disputation of 1263 and the ensuing comments. The following quotation will suffice to get some idea of what history is for some. I would have responded that this accusation is patently offensive. […]

An In-Depth Study of Israel’s National Religious Public

This article (Hebrew) in NRG discusses the research of Hanan Moses on the national-religious public in Israel. It is very interesting and worth a read if you are interested in the relationship to feminism, Carlebach-style davening, and lots of other things. Also see this article by Moses for more discussion. Update: Tsur Erlich has posted […]

The Invention of Hebrew

Biblia Hebraica et Graeca has posted the first part of an interview with Seth Sanders, author of The Invention of Hebrew. ———- 1. The central question of your book – why did the Israelites start writing in Hebrew at all – seems so fundamental to the study of biblical literature, yet studies on the origin […]

Hazon Ovadiah on Aveilut Discussed by Ynet

In Ynet (Hebrew) Kobi Naḥshoni has a review of sorts of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef’s third and final volume on the laws of mourning, Ḥazon Ovadiah al Aveilut. I only have the first volume, so I wasn’t able to look up the decisions that Naḥshoni mentions. One of them was the custom of comforting mourners on […]

I Would No Longer be a Gadol ha-Dor

An interesting post from the continuing discussion at Lookjed about Talmud instruction, especially the final paragraph. If I may, I repeat here an anecdote that I heard twenty years ago when I had the privilege of spending a year on the Melton Senior Educators’ Program at Hebrew U. One of our activities on the program […]

Friday Afternoon Song-Jacob’s Ladder

There are lots of songs that mention Jacob’s ladder, here are two different ones. The first is a Bruce Springsteen remake of old gospel song. The second is a song by Chava Alberstein, סולם, Ladder. The song begins with a direct reference to Jacob’s Ladder. ×–×” לא סולם של מלאכים יודעים כולם. את הסולם ×”×–×” […]

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