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You’re a Fool

The ubiquitous stories about rabbis being asked about the kashrut of dead chickens by women deserves a scholarly treatment by someone, but in the meantime, here’s one from the recent article on Chaim Grade by Curt Leviant in the Jewish Review of Books. In the mid-1920’s, Chaim Grade was a private student of the great […]

Halakhic Harrasers

Ynet has a post (Hebrew) that criticizes the dependency of many people on rabbis to make the simplest of decisions, whether they be of a halakhic nature or not. The author, Racheli Malek Buda, used a great term, מטרידים הלכתיים, halakhic harassers, people who can’t do anything without sending their rabbi an email or an […]

Rabbi Yirmiyah Meets the Sex Pistols

Pshita has produced a visual commentary on the story of Rabbi Yirmiyah’s expulsion from the beit midrash. The text is from Bava Batra 23b and the discussion is about the ownership of a pigeon that is found fifty cubits from a dovecote. בעי ר’ ירמיה: רגלו אחת בתוך × ‘ אמה ורגלו אחת חוץ מחמשים אמה, […]

Jewish Ideas Daily on Shamma Friedman

Jewish Ideas Daily has a piece on the Talmud scholar, Prof. Shamma Friedman.

Hebrew-Hebrew Dictionaries

The blog על קצה הלשון does a quick survey of Hebrew-Hebrew dictionaries.

New Opportunities for Study in Israel at Tel-Aviv U

1. One-year Master’s program in Jewish Studies for International Students. The program offers a series of comprehensive encounters with the classical texts of Jewish cultures from biblical to modern times. Its intellectual home at the integrative department of Hebrew Culture Studies, enables us to cover a wide range of periods, methodologies, and scholarly interests, while […]

Lincoln’s Use of Biblical Imagery

Huhn on Lincoln’s Use of Biblical Imagery: Wilson Ray Huhn (University of Akron – School of Law) has posted A Higher Law: Abraham Lincolns Use of Biblical Imagery on SSRN. Here is the abstract: This article describes Lincoln’s use of biblical imagery in seven of his works: the Peoria Address, the House Divided Speech, his […]

New Edition of Yalkut Yosef on Shabbat

According to this report on Ynet, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef has written a new edition of Yalkut Yosef on Shabbat. The article says that the original 500 pages have been expanded to 2,500.

The Defilement of the Hands

The following article is available here for free until Feb. 28. Timothy H. Lim, “The Defilement of the Hands as a Principle Determining the Holiness of Scriptures,” Journal of Theological Studies

Hardal, Datash, Hashah, and Everything In-Between

Israelity has posted a lexicon of Israeli acronyms for religious identification and practice. I would add one that I heard from a friend: dela’at, which means squash, but in this case it is dati le-atid, “religious in the future,” in the Rosenzweigian-sense of the term.

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