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Torat ha-Melekh is Back

It seems as Torah ha-Melekh is back (see here and here). The following publication is new to the JNUL shelves and also available for download here. It was apparently published in December and mentioned in Derekh ha-Melekh, a response to Torah ha-Melekh, but I just noticed it now. משנה תורת המלך : קובץ מאמרים בעקבות […]

The Third and Fourth Volumes of Kuntress ha-Teshuvot

Musaf Shabbat has an article on the third volume of Kuntress ha-Teshuvot He-Ḥadash, although it seems from here as if the fourth volume has already been published.

Rabbi Hayyim Navon on Halakhah and the Jewish Women

Rabbi Hayyim Navon has published a new book on halakhah and the Jewish woman. Navon tries to be responsive to calls for halakhic change, but he doesn’t give much. If despite his discomfort with the blessing שלא עשני אשה he keeps saying it because he thinks that we need some central halakhic authority to change […]

A Rabbinic Revolution

Michael Satlow has summarized Monday’s symposium at Harvard, The Rabbinic Revolution and the Invention of Jewish Law. The symposium featured Shaye Cohen, Moshe Halbertal, Aharon Shemesh, and Vered Noam. Also see this review of Aharon Shemesh’s book Halakhah in the Making: The Development of Jewish Law from Qumran to the Rabbis. Update: A video of […]

Ben Zion Wacholder z”l

The important scholar of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ancient Judaism, Ben Zion Wacholder, has passed away. יהי זכרו ברוך.

Summing Up Conference on Archaeology and Rabbinic Texts

Michael Satlow has posted some reflections about the conference on Archaeology and Rabbinic texts whose proceedings he summarized here and here. It was striking that almost every paper followed a similar pattern: it usually began with some piece of puzzling evidence, either textual (in the vast majority of cases) or material, and used the other […]

The Jewish Book: Past, Present, and Future

The Jewish Book: Past, Present, Future The Lillian Goldman Symposium Sunday, April 3, 1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. at the Center for Jewish History What makes a Jewish book? Who are the People of the Book? How have Jewish books changed with changes in technology? The “history of the book” is a lively field of historical scholarship […]

Musaf Shabbat-03.25.2011

From the most recent Musaf Shabbat (Hebrew) of Makor Rishon: 1. A nice article about the plans for the National Library of Israel. Also see this article from the Jpost. 2. An article by Dr. Harel Gordon on Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. Dr. Gordon wrote his dissertation on Rav Moshe’s halakhic methodology.

Archaeology and the Talmud: Day 2

Michael Satlow offers another nice summary of the second day of the conference Talmuda de-Eretz Israel: Archaeology and the Rabbis in Late Antiquity.

Jewish Law Syllabus Project

(From the Legal Scholarship Blog.) Jewish Law Syllabus Project: Here is an announcement from Samuel J. Levine (Touro). On behalf of the Jewish Law Institute at Touro Law Center, I am pleased to announce the initiation of the Jewish Law Syllabus Project.With the continuing emergence of Jewish Law as an area of focus in both […]

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