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A Jewish Economic and Social Policy

Israel has been experiencing a summer of protests focused around numerous economic and social issues. On Saturday night an estimated 150,000 people demonstrated around the country calling for a change in government economic policy. Although I may have missed them, I have yet to read or hear any voices addressing these issues from the standpoint […]

Give a Soldier a Siddur

Beit Tefillah Yisraeli, a young and fast-growing, liberal, independent, inclusive and participatory community in Tel Aviv, which offers a meaningful context and venue for Shabbat and holiday services, lifecycle events, and Jewish-Israeli Identity exploration, has started a campaign that will enable them to give every soldier who comes to their services a siddur. See here […]

Friday Afternoon Song-Barry Sacharoff

Last week, the Israeli rock singer Barry Sacharoff paid a visit to the Chabad affiliated beit midrash in Tel Aviv, Bayit Ḥadash le-Midrash. Below are some videos of what resulted from that visit. For more on the visit, see this article (Hebrew) from Ynet.

What About Those Demonstrations in Israel

During the past week or so there have been a number of demonstrations in Israel. They have mostly focused on the difficulty in finding affordable housing in Tel Aviv or its suburbs. For an interesting account of a visit to one of the demonstrations see this post (Hebrew) by Zeev Galili.

Another Kashrut Issue for Gelatin

The kashrut of gelatin from animal sources has been a very talked about issue for over a hundred years. Summaries of these discussions can be found  , here, and here. Not to make an already controversial issue (for some) more complicated, what do you think about gelatin derived from human DNA. Green Prophet writes the […]

Menachem Kahana’s edition of Sifre Bemidbar

At the Talmud Blog, Amit Gvaryahu, whom I had the pleasure of meeting this past shabbat, gives a good overview of Menahem Kahana’s new edition of Sifre Bemidbar.

Innovative Synagogues

Recently, the NY Post had an article titled Too Cool for Shul. A man in a crisp black suit stands outside the plate-glass doors on Crosby Street, checking off the names of the chosen on a clipboard. Young women with tousled hair and fashionable heels slip inside, followed by men in sharp suits or dark […]

Jews and Vampires

Allan Nadler has a post at Jewish Ideas Daily about Jews and vampires. While reading this piece I was reminded of a very funny scene from the movie Love at First Bite. The movie addresses Jewish men and their feelings for Gentile women more than it does Jews and vampires. The scene occurs at 1:00 […]

Talmud Now?

This past December The National Library of Israel had an evening devoted to the place of Talmud within Israeli society. The participants were Rabbi Yuval Sherlow, Drs. Ruchama Weiss, and Yair Eldan. The library has posted the discussion on Youtube. The first part can be found below and the other parts can be found on […]

A Good Enough Jew

Tomer Persico has posted information about what looks like a very interesting seminar. If you are going to be in Israel this summer, it looks like a worthwhile way to spend a day. The seminar is on 7 Av/August 7.

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