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Cantor-Synagogue Settle Dispute Over Non-Compete Clause

Cantor-Synagogue Settle Dispute Over Non-Compete Clause In Time For High Holidays: The Palm Beach Post reported yesterday that Jupiter, Florida’s Temple Beth Am and its former cantor, the Grammy-nominated Bruce Benson, have settled a lawsuit in which the Temple claimed that Benson was violating a non-compete clause in his contract. The Palm Beach Sun Sentinel […]

Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef’s Website

A friend on Facebook linked to Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef’s website. It includes MP3’s (not many of good quality), videos, etc.

Talmudic Termonology and the UN

Some Talmudic terminology made it into Akiva Eldar’s op-ed piece about Bibi at the UN. כתנא דמסייע לאמת שלו טען נתניהו, ×›×™ אהוד ברק הגיש לפלסטינים בשנת 2000 “הצעה גורפת, שענתה כמעט לכל דרישותיהם”. מעניין מה דעתו של ברק על “האמת” הזאת, למשל בכל הנוגע לדרישותיהם של הפלסטינים לגבי הר הבית ופתרון בעיית הפליטים. ראש […]

Forgotten Shofar Blowing and the Stam

In Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon, Carmiel Cohen reviewed (Hebrew) a double-issue of Sidra that was devoted to Prof. Aryeh Steinfeld. Cohen wrote at length about two articles that appeared in this issue. The first is by Mordechai Akiva Friedman and is about the possibility that other shofar blowings for Rosh ha-Shannah existed in the […]

Eliezer Segal on Editing Talmudic Texts

Eliezer Segal’s talk before the 1993 WCJS on editing Talmudic texts (Hebrew), “יעדים ואמצעים בההדרת טקסטים מהתלמוד הבבלי”, can be found here.

The Philadelphia Schass

Jonathan Sarna has written in the Forward about the recent merger between the Jewish Publication Society (JPS) and the University of Nebraska Press. In the meantime, even as we mourn JPS’s disappearance as an independent Jewish publisher, lovers of Jewish books should wish the new couple well. Sarna is also the author of JPS: The […]

Modern Versions of Adon ha-Selichot

Here are some modern renditions of the traditional piyyut Adon ha-Selichot (English). The first is an instrumental version by Nikmat ha-Tractor (The Tractor’s Revenge). This version was released in 1990, years before modern renditions of piyyutim became very popular. The second version is another instrumental version performed by Eli Dali. This is by Koby […]

Jewish Law Association Conference-Summer 2012

The Jewish Law Association 17th International Conference July 30-August 2, 2012 Yale University Call for Papers: Location and schedule: The Jewish Law Association in conjunction with Yale University Program in Judaic Studies will hold the 17th International conference of the JLA at the Yale University Law School, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A., on July 30-August 2, […]

Geonica: Lecture Series by Neil Danzig at JTS

Footnote in Oscar Race

Footnote will be the Israeli candidate for best foreign film this year after sweeping the Ofir Awards, winning a total of nine awards. Articles in Hebrew about the awards can be found here and here.

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