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Beards Make the Rabbi

Mostly Kosher has a post about the role of beards in religious communities. Reading this post I was reminded of David Weiss Halivni’s description of his first days in an orphanage after he arrived in American after the end of WW II. The following quotes are from The Book and the Sword, pp. 79-80. I […]

Jonathan Rosenblum Needs to be Updated

In a recent column in the Jerusalem Post that called for greater tolerance among secular and religious groups in Israel, Jonathan Rosenblum wrote the following: Jews, unlike Moslems, have a millennia-long history of living as a despised minority. Minority status has also imbued us with an appreciation of prudence. Satmar Chassidim in Williamsburg, for instance, […]

Friday Afternoon Song: Noah by Matti Caspi

The song Noaḥ was written by Yoram Taharlev and the music is by Matti Caspi. Read here (Hebrew) for a description of some background to the writing of the song. Shabbat Shalom. נוח לא שכחנו איך בגשם ובסער נוח לתיבה אספת את חיות היער שתיים שתיים מכל מין האריה והממותה הגמל והשיבוטה וגם ההיפופוטם פתח […]

New Book: How the Bible Embraces Those with Special Needs

Ora Horn Prouser’s book Esau’s Blessing: How the Bible Embraces Those With Special Needs is now available. Yishar Koach Ora.

What Was the Sin of the Animals?

In the Rosh ha-Shannah edition of Haaretz, Yaacov Shavit had a nice article about the sins of the generation of the flood. The Hebrew can be found here, but I do not think that it was translated into English. Shavit brings numeorus interpretations and retellings of the flood story from many different sources, recent and […]

Teaching Talmud in High School

AIWAC has begun to translate from the Hebrew this article by Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Brandes of Beit Morasha on teaching Talmud in high school. The first part in English can be found here.

Time Off From Work to Pray

Religion Clause posted the following: AP reported Friday that Hertz, the rental car company, is firing 26 Somali Muslim employees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport because they refuse to clock out for their daily prayer breaks. The Teamsters local union that represents the workers says that the company agreed during negotiations last year that the employees […]

More on the Digitization of Jewish Texts

Haaretz has a nice article about the Friedberg Geniza Project and its work on the digitization of Geniza documents. (hat tip) The article includes a lot of information about the current work being done by Prof. Yaacov Choueka, his son Roni, and other computer scientists and scholars of Rabbinic Literature. The first is how they […]

Pirkei De-Rabbi Eliezer and the Pseudepigrapha

Rachel Adelman’s book The Return of the Repressed: Pirqe de-Rabbi Eliezer and the Pseudepigrapha is reviewed here. This study analyzes mythic narratives, found in the 8th century midrashic text Pirqe de-Rabbi Eliezer (PRE), that were excluded, or ‘repressed’, from the rabbinic canon, while preserved in the Pseudepigrapha of the Second Temple period. Examples include the […]

New blog: Notrikon

Notrikon is a relatively new blog in Hebrew about Hebrew books, publishing, and related subjects. Welcome to the blogosphere.

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