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More on Beit Hillel in English

Haaretz has translated an article into English about Beit Hillel. The group, to be known as Beit Hillel, already has 110 rabbis signed up, along with 30 women who are considered Torah scholars. It was founded by congregational rabbis in the central region, who say they represent the silent majority of the national-religious population that […]

More on Beit Hillel

Today’s Makor Rishon has an article about Beit Hillel, a new rabbinic organization that I wrote about here. The organization sees itself as a more moderate religious zionist voice. The article notes that the membership of Beit Hillel includes thirty talmidot ḥachamim, female Torah scholars.

Norman Solomon: Torah from Heaven

Norman Solomon, the author of The Analytic Movement: Hayyim Soloveitchik and his School and The Talmud: A Selection (Penguin Classics), has published a new book, Torah from Heaven: The Reconstruction of Faith. From the publisher: Traditional Jewish religious belief speaks of a divinely revealed, perfect text, authoritatively expounded. The question this book addresses is one […]

If you were wondering about that borscht

I stumbled upon this article in the June 30, 1950 edition of the Jewish Times from Baltimore.

Interview with the Director of Footnote

Joseph Cedar, the director of Footnote, is interviewed in the New York Times. Tomorrow the five nominees for the category of Best Foreign-Language Film will be announced. Q. What made you want to explore this particular world of Talmudic scholarship? A. In the beginning I was working with a story about a father and son […]

Yediot Aharonot-Yosef Family Legal Troubles

Friday’s Yediot Aḥaronot published an article about potential legal troubles for the family of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef. The article describes how a close family member sent a letter to the Attorney General describing how the Yosef family has been trying to take over positions within the Chief Rabbinate through the appointment of family members. There […]

Pre-Shabbat Song-We Take Care of Our Own

Bruce Springsteen’s latest.

Rabbi Dov Linzer on Modesty

Rabbi Dov Linzer has an op-ed in today’s New York Times about modesty. The Talmud, the foundation of Jewish law, acknowledges that men can be sexually aroused by women and is indeed concerned with sexual thoughts and activity outside of marriage. But it does not tell women that men’s sexual urges are their responsibility. Rather, […]

Reshet ha-Kehillot le-Hithadshut Yehudit

Reshet ha-Kehillot le-Ḥithadshut Yehudit (Hebrew) is more evidence of Israeli Jewish creativity in Israel. This is a good example of how support from Diaspora Jews, in this case the UJA-Federation in New York, can make a difference in Israel. This (Hebrew) article by Yair Sheleg, which was published last year in Musaf Shabbat, addresses activities […]

Miriam the Laundress

Tomorrow, the 24th of Tevet, is the yarzheit of “Miriam the Laundress,” מרים הכובסת. On her yarzheit thousands of people visit her grave on Har ha-Menuḥot, often looking for help with fertility problems. Who is this woman whom some people describe as a saint? A few years ago Tsur Erlich, a journalist for Makor Rishon, […]

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