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The Third Temple and the Israeli Supreme Court

MK Zevulun Orlev published a short article in the last issue of Olam Katan, a pamphlet that is distributed in synagogues on Shabbat, about the Third Temple. Orlev gave some details about how we can help bring about the building of the Third Temple, addressing educational, cultural, and legal aspects of the issue. My favorite […]

Interview with Tal Schneider-Leading Israeli Political Blogger

Tal Schneider was interviewed today on the Israeli radio station Reshet Bet. Tal is one of the leading political bloggers in Israel, and anybody who wants to stay abreast of Israeli politics should be reading her blog and following her on Twitter. Below is a recording of the interview. (H)

Koren Talmud Yerushalmi

I have just seen the Koren is selling the Koren Talmud Yerushalmi with the commentary of Rabbi Yehiel Bar-Lev. This seems to be the same, or very similar to, the Yedid Nefesh edition of the Yerushalmi.

Artscroll Talmud App

The Artscroll Talmud App is now available. Here are the pricing options: -Buy a complete volume – Only $16.99 -Buy a single daf – Only 99¢! Perfect when you need one daf on the run, or for school. You can buy single sets of pages i.e. 2a-2b -Daf Yomi Purchase Subscription – sign up to […]

Siyyum Hashas

Some of you may be going to the Siyum HaShas at MetLife stadium. Does this gathering tell us anything about the present state of American Jewry? Debra Nussbaum Cohen writes: The Siyum Hashas dwarfs other American Jewish gatherings, underscoring the recent growth of the Orthodox community, as highlighted in a recent Jewish population study conducted […]

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv in the Israel State Archives

The Israel State Archives has posted (Hebrew) a number of documents related to the rabbinic life of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. One of the documents is the letter appointing him to be a rabbinical court judge. For a discussion of this period of Rabbi Elyashiv’s life see this (Hebrew) article by Rami Reiner.

Chief Rabbi Herzog’s Opposition to a Reform Synagogue in Jerusalem

The Israel State Archives has posted online some items from the archives of Chief Rabbi Isaac Halevi Herzog. One of the items is an exchange of letters from 1956 between Chief Rabbis Herzog and Yitzhak Nissim and Prime Minister Moshe Sharett in which the Chief Rabbis expressed their opposition to the building of the Hebrew […]

Jake Clemons’s Midrash on Bruce Springsteen

I just started read the extensive article in the New Yorker on Bruce Springsteen, and the following caught my eye. At each show, the most striking musical difference between the old E Street Band and the new was the increasing prominence given to Jake Clemons. His playing grew stronger, his willingness to take center stage […]

Hebrew Manuscript Exhibition at Columbia University

Another nice exhibition of Hebrew Manuscripts this Fall in NYC. (hat tip)

Medieval Manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries

The Jewish Museum will be having an exhibition this Fall and Winter (September 14, 2012 – February 03, 2013), Crossing Borders: Medieval Manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries. Crossing Borders features a superb selection of some sixty Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic manuscripts from Oxford University’s Bodleian Libraries, one of the world’s richest collections of manuscripts and […]

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