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Interview with Abraham Joshua Heschel with Hebrew Subtitles

Below is the video of one of the last public appearances of Abraham Joshua Heschel. This video has been on Youtube for a while, but the video below has Hebrew subtitles. More videos in Hebrew about Heschel can be found here.

What to Learn

A number of months ago I posted about an interesting devar Torah by Rabbi David Bigman about Becoming Your Own Posek. I was unable to locate the source that Rabbi Bigman quoted, but a kind reader contacted Rabbi Bigman and found out that the source was in קונטרס סדר תורת הלימוד, תורת ההוראה והמנהגים, which […]

Interview with Ruth Calderon on Talmudic Stories

Ruth Calderon, who helped establish Alma College for Hebrew Culture and Beit Midrash Elul and is currently the Head of Culture and Educational Programs at The National Library of Israel, was recently interviewed about translating Talmudic stories for the modern reader. A transcript of the interview can be found here, while a recording can be […]

Ehud Banai and Heschel in Tel Aviv

Recently the Israeli singer Ehud Banai was interviewed in the Israeli newspaper Maariv. It was a long interview that touched upon culture, politics, and religion. One of Banai’s comments that caught my eye was when he justified his approach towards the holiness of territory by saying that Judaism is a religion of time and not […]

The Israel Lobby and Bruce Springsteen

The Times of Israel has a fun article about an Israeli boy who was brought on stage to sing with Bruce Springsteen at a recent concert. The boy was pretty clueless about the words, but him and Bruce seemed to have had a great time. My son and I were once at a concert in […]

Will Tzohar Run a Candidate for Chief Rabbi of Israel

The Israeli religious-zionist rabbinic organization Tzohar has begun a campaign (see here for the booklet) calling for changes in policies and spirit of the Chief Rabbinate. (Ynet) Among the platforms that they are calling for are the appointment of rabbinical court judges who actually decide according to what the Chief Rabbis decide, support for a […]

Rabbi Yohanan and Reish Lakish in the NYT’s

In an op-ed piece in the New York Times about the recent skinny dipping episode in the Kinneret, an op-ed writer brings the following episode from the Talmud: If we look back in history, when people would go down to the lake to bathe, they didn’t wear bathing suits (they hadn’t been invented yet). One […]

Walking on the Moon vs. Walking in Jerusalem

This story about the late Neil Armstrong is found in Thomas Friedman’s book From Beirut to Jerusalem:

The Pitfalls of Daf Yomi

The following post was published at Lookjed. The community focus, and media hype, over the study of daf yomi leaves me with two nagging concerns, on which I would invite comment by others. First, study in the daf yomi style, involves a relentless push to complete what can be a very complicated matter in a […]

New Book: Jewish and Christian Clergy on the Five Books of Moses

The book On Sacred Ground: Jewish and Christian Clergy Reflect on Transformative Passages from the Five Books of Moses has recently been published. I wrote a chapter for it on the Daughters of Zelofḥad, “Bending the Will of God.” The editor, Jeff Bernhardt, did a very nice job of gathering diverse Jewish and Christian voices […]

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