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New Book-Rashi by Avraham Grossman

Avraham Grossman has a new book in English,

Farting Prostitutes and Talmudic Rabbis

In Haaretz there is an article that compares stories in Judaism and Christianity that include prostitutes and discuss repentance. One of the Jewish stories discussed is the well-known story from Avodah Zarah 17a about Rabbi Elazar ben Dordia and the prostitute with whom he just had to have relations. Here is the story in the […]

Intravenous Feeding on Yom Kippur

The New York Times has an article on people who are most likely obligated to eat on Yom Kippur because of illness, but nevertheless choose to be hooked up to an intravenous drip instead. In recent years, hundreds of frail Jews have turned to intravenous feeding on Yom Kippur, which begins Tuesday at sundown and […]

Fifty Shades of Yom Kippur

The following illustration is from Friedrich A. Christiani’s Der Juden Glaube und Aberglaube (The Faith and Superstition of the Jews) in his description of Yom Kippur. In his book Judaism in Christian Eyes: Ethnographic Descriptions of Jews and Judaism in Early Modern Europe, Yaacov Deutsch brought the following Jewish sources that discuss self-flagellation on the day […]

Documentary on R. Ovadiah Yosef with English Subtitles

Last year I posted about a documentary that was broadcast on Israel TV about Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef. I recently found the documentary with English subtitles. It is worth a view for those who were unable understand the Hebrew original.

Shanah Tovah-5773

I wanted to wish a Shanah Tovah and Ḥag Sameaḥ. May it be a year of peace, health, parnasah, and meaningful living for us all.

So you think Israelis are alienated from Judaism

While I am sure that some Israelis are alienated from Judaism, just as many, if not more, are not. It is also important to distinguish between alienation from religious bureaucracy and alienation from religion. Haaretz has an article about the thousands of Israelis who participate in “Selichot Tours” leading up to the Yamim Noraim. It […]

Pre-Nups in Israel

In a recent post about the rabbinic organization Tzohar, a discussion developed in the comments about the use of prenuptial agreements in Israel. Haaretz has an article (at the moment only in Hebrew) about difficulties that some religious couples are having getting rabbis to agree to the use of the agreements. The Chief Rabbinate said […]

Insulting the Prophet

With the latest interest in some quarters about insulting religious figures, here is a link to a post of mine from a few years ago about a Jew who wanted to learn from the Muslims and punish those who insulted cohanim (priests). Also, see the end of this post by Marc Shapiro about an article […]

My City of Ruins

May their memory be for a blessing.

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