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Wanted: Contractor for Secret Installation in Israel and Sofer Stam

From a report in the Washington Post about a secret installation being built in Israel by the U.S.: (HT: Haaretz) The Corps offered a lengthy description of the mezuzas the contractor is to provide “for each door or opening exclusive of toilets or shower rooms” in the Site 911 building. A mezuza (also spelled mezuzah) […]

More Headlines From the UN Partition Vote

Here are some more newspaper headlines from the day after the UN vote on partition in 1947. They are from the very useful web site, Historical Jewish Press. “With a majority of thirty-three votes to thirteen partition was approved”: Mishmar “The Jewish State was established”: Davar

The UN Vote on the Partition of Palestine

Tomorrow is the 29th of November, Partition Day. The 29th of November is one of the most important days in Jewish history.  In his book  A Tale of Love and Darkness, Amos Oz described the reaction in his Jerusalem neighborhood to the UN’s decision: Then there was dancing and weeping on Amos Street, in the […]

An Eruv Grows in Brooklyn

Rabbi Adam Mintz’s article from the latest issue of Ḥakirah, A Chapter in American Orthodoxy: The Eruvin in Brooklyn, is available online. HT: Prof. Lawrence Schiffman on Twitter.

Digitization at the NLI in Action

Here is a short video from the National Library of Israel about their digitization of material.

Review of The En Yaaqov: Jacob ibn Habib’s Search for Faith in the Talmudic Corpus

At H-Judaic Richard J. Hidary reviews Marjorie Lehman’s The En Yaaqov: Jacob Ibn Habib’s Search for Faith in the Talmudic Corpus. Rabbi Jacob ibn Habib was born in Castile sometime in the 1440s and taught in the academy at Salamanca until his expulsion in 1492. After moving to Lisbon, where there was another decree of […]

More on Jewish Life in Gaza During the Middle Ages

This is a continuation of my previous post on Jewish life in Gaza during the Middle Ages. In a comment to the above mentioned post, Abul Bannat pointed out that important poet, scholar, and commentator, Israel Najara, who served as a Rabbi in Gaza, also deserves a shout out. Thanks to Abul Bannat for the […]

Jewish Life in Gaza During the Middle Ages

[My second post on this topic can be found here.] Interior Minister Eli Yishai is quoted as saying that: “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.” I am not sure if Yishai is aware of the Jewish community that […]

What a Real Color Red Alert Sounds Like

Our prayers are with those in Israel who are under rocket fire and to those soldiers and security personnel who are fighting to put an end to the Hamas terror in Gaza. If you want to know what hundreds of thousands of Israelis are experiencing when they hear on the radio “Color Red Alert” (אזעקת […]

Video: Halakhah in Medieval Provence

Dr. Pinchas Roth gives the first of a series of lectures on “Forgotten Paths of Halakhah: Explorations in Medieval Rabbinic Culture.” HT from a friend on FB.

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