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Podcast About Stories in the Mishnah

WebYeshiva has an interview with Dr. Moshe Simon-Shoshan about his new book Stories of the Law: Narrative Discourse and the Construction of Authority in the Mishnah.

Possible Rare Sefer Torah Found in Italy

Mauro Perani, an expert on Hebrew manuscripts and the person most responsible for the discovery and dissemination of the “European Genizah,” is reporting on Facebook the discovery of a possibly very early and rare Sefer Torah. Here are some of Perani’s comments: On the nature and date of this Sefer Torah there is now an […]

Religion in Israel: The Communal Model

Torah Va’Avodah has been promoting a communal model for the Rabbinate and religion-state relations in Israel. Below is a video that presents this model. A longer description can be found here.

The Spiritual Life of Rav Kook

In Haaretz Tomer Persico reviews a new book on Rav Kook. As the subtitle of Smadar Cherlow’s book attests, her work presumes to expose a hidden and secret dimension of the life and importance of the figure known popularly as Rav Kook: his mission as a tzadik yesod olam, literally, a righteous man who serves […]

Interview with Ruth Calderon

Haaretz has an interview with Ruth Calderon (see this previous post about her): Day after day, Dr. Ruth Calderon goes to her computer, usually in the early morning hours, and posts on her Facebook page passages from the Mishna and her own associations with the ancient compilation of the Jewish oral tradition that forms the […]

Hebrew in Medieval Europe

In Haaretz there is an article by Ephraim Shoham-Steiner that describes the mounting evidence for the use of Hebrew in the public sphere in Medieval Europe. Shoham-Steiner discussed a number of important archaeological discoveries in Germany, among them the “Hebrew Cesspit” discovered in Cologne, and over a thousand tombstones with Hebrew inscriptions from Wurzberg. The […]

The Talmud Wins Big in the Knesset Elections

The 19th Knesset will include Dr. Ruth Calderon, who completed her PhD in Talmud at Hebrew University and was the founder of Beit Midrash Elul and Alma College. The topic of her dissertation was “Literary Tropes in the Aggadic narratives of the Babylonian Talmud.” When interviewed on Channel Two News she was asked if Talmud […]

Hebrew Codicology

As a follow up to my previous post, the National Library of Israel has posted a pre-publication text of the entire Hebrew version of Malachi Beit-Arié’s book, Hebrew Codicology: Historical and Comparative Typology of Hebrew Medieval Codices based on the Documentation of the Extant Dated Manuscripts in Quantitative Approach online. A pre-publication summary of the […]

Lecture: Gezerat Ha-Katuv in the Thought of Maimonides

Yeshiva University’s Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization at Cardozo Law School is presenting the following lecture by Yair Lorberbaum: Annual Ivan Meyer Lecture in Jewish Law Wednesday, February 6, 6-8pm Jacob Burns Moot Court Room Cardozo Law School, 55 Fifth Avenue Yair Lorberbaum (Professor of Law, Bar-Ilan University Law Faculty), this year’s Ivan […]

Learn the Basics of Palaeography

The Institute for Historical Research, which is associated with the University of London, is offering a free online course in Palaeography. (HT: PhiloBiblos) Medievalists have always found it difficult to interact with primary sources from their period of study due to a lack of training in palaeography (and manuscript studies), that is to say, the […]

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