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Censorship of Jewish Texts

Ynet is reporting (Hebrew) about a conference today at the National Library of Israel on censorship of Jewish texts. In the past the NLI has posted videos of conferences online an hopefully this one will find its way to Youtube soon.

Next Week: Jerusalem Seminar on Women in Jewish Law

Next Thursday in Jerusalem there will be a day-long seminar on Women in Jewish Law at Machon Schechter. מכון שכטר למדעי היהדות מזמין אתכם ליום עיון על מעמד האשה בהלכה לרגל הופעת ספרו של פרופ׳ דוד גולינקין ולזכרו של הרב × ×— גולינקין ז״ל במלאת עשר שנים למותו ביום חמישי, ×›×´×” אדר תשע״ג 7/3/13 בין השעות […]

A Letter from Yeshayahu Leibowitz to Isaiah Berlin

Israel Channel 8 has been broadcasting a three-part documentary on Yeshayahu Leibowitz. Hopefully they will post the series online when it is finished. The introduction to the second part began with a few words about the relationship between Leibowitz and Isaiah Berlin. Apparently both of them studied Hebrew with the same tutor in Riga. Ephraim […]

New Book: The Logic of Law Making in Islam

This looks like an interesting book on legal history. This is from the Legal History Blog. The Logic of Law Making in Islam: Women and Prayer in the Legal Tradition, by Behnam Sadeghi (Stanford University), is out this month from Cambridge University Press. Here’s an overview of the book, from the publisher’s website: This pioneering […]

Rabbah and Rabbi Zeirah-The Blues Version

A blues version of the following Talmudic text (Megillah 7b): אמר רבא מיחייב איניש לבסומי בפוריא עד דלא ידע בין ארור המן לברוך מרדכי רבה ורבי זירא עבדו סעודת פורי׳ בהדי הדדי איבסום קם רבה שחטי׳ לרבי זירא למחר בעא רחמי ואחייה לשנה אמ׳ ליה ניתי מר ונעביד סעודת פורים בהדי הדדי אמ׳ ליה לא […]

MK Ruth Calderon Teaches Talmud from the Knesset Podium

In her inaugural speech as an MK, Ruth Calderon spoke about the Talmud, how it became central to her life, and she then taught from a volume that belonged to Yair Lapid’s grandfather. She spoke about the following story from Ketubbot 62b. ×›×™ הא דרב רחומי הוה שכיח קמיה דרבא במחוזא, הוה רגיל דהוה אתי […]

Interview with David Hartman.-Pluralism and Religious Zionism

Below is an interview with David Hartman from 1987 that had a big impact on me when it was first published and still does to this day. Interview with David Hartman.-Pluralism and Religious Zionism Also see this post by Eliyahu Stern about David Hartman’s Zionism at Open Zion.

Rabbi David Hartman z”l

Rabbi David Hartman z”l, the founder of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem has passed away in Jerusalem. The influence of Rabbi Hartman on Judaism in both America and Israel has been vast. Whether it was through his scholarship, the institutions that he founded, his students, or he as an individual, Rabbi Hartman’s influence can […]

Video: Lord Balfour Visiting Tiberias in 1925

Below is a rare film clip of Lord Balfour visiting Tiberias in 1925. (HT) See here for an newspaper article about the visit and here for a recollection of how his visit affected a little girl.

Oxford and Cambridge Cooperating to Buy Geniza Collection

Oxford and Cambridge are teaming up and hoping to purchase the Geniza collection found at Westminster College. (HT) The fragments were brought back from Cairo by the intrepid twin sisters Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop Gibson in 1896 and deposited at Westminster College. Treasures of the collection include the earliest known example of a Jewish […]

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