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Women Censored from Warsaw Ghetto Picture

The ultra-Orthodox newspaper Ba-Kehillah (In the Community) has a policy of not including pictures of women, but this one shows how sick and disturbing this policy is. (HT) The picture is from this (Hebrew) Ynet article.

Fixing Old Bibles

The New York Times has a nice article about a book doctor. There are some interesting comments about the differences between “family Bibles” and “study Bibles.” The Bibles that Ms. McKay repairs can be the well-loved regular Bibles of regular churchgoers, marked up on a near-daily basis. Or they can be more than a century […]

Human Emotion as a Factor in Halakhah

Often opponents of halakhic innovation or change claim that their opposition is based upon the legal sources and that external factors such as human emotion are irrelevant to halakhic decision making. Last week Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon published an article (Hebrew) on the tenth yarzheit of Rabbi Shalom Messas, the former Chief Rabbi of […]

The Renaissance of Pluralistic Judaism in Israel

Regev Ben-David has a very good post on the Tikvah Fund web site about pluralistic Judaism in Israel. (HT to Yair Rosenberg on Twitter) One of the most important things for American Jews to take away from this post is that Israeli Judaism is not and will not be the same as American Judaism.

Remembering the Exodus From Egypt

Below is a source sheet from a talk that I gave about the commandment to remember the exodus from Egypt. The sources that I spoke about show the disagreement that exists about how the exodus from Egypt is remembered, when it is to be remembered, and the Biblical sources for such an obligation. I decided […]

Video on Illustrated Haggadot

Watch this short video (Hebrew) on illustrated Haggadot. (HT to LJ on FB)

Facebook in Aramaic

It all started with a humorous list of Facebook-related words in Aramaic. Now there is an entire Facebook group called Status Updates in Aramaic. (HT)

New Blog: Where Do We Go From Here

There is a new blog that will be addressing issues related to Judaism in general and Jewish Law specifically. The blog, לאן הולכים מכאן, is in Hebrew and here a short description by בעל הבלוג. (HT) בשמחה, בתקווה ובחשש אני חונך את הבלוג ×”×–×”, שיעסוק בהלכה וגם ביהדות בכלל, באתגרים העומדים בפניהם בעולם המודרני, בכיוונים […]

New Book-An Autobiography by Rav Goren

One of the towering figures of the Israeli history and Religious Zionism is Rabbi Shlomo Goren. He is one of those figures without whom the present would probably have been very different. There is already a biography of Rav Goren in English, Rabbi Shlomo Goren: Torah Sage and General, and he has been the subject […]

Fishman-Soloveitchik Debate Continues

Haym Soloveitchik reviewed Talia Fishman’s book Becoming the People of the Talmud: Oral Torah as Written Tradition in Medieval Jewish Cultures in the Jewish Review of Books. Fishman’s response and Soloveitchik’s rejoinder can be found here. See a more detailed rejoinder by Soloveitchik here. It ain’t pretty.

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