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Yeshivat Har Etzion on Korean TV

The part about the yeshiva begins around 1:50-4:00 and picks up again at 6:00. There is English, so don’t worry about the Korean. HT to a friend on FB.

New Book by Sergey Dolgopolski on the Talmud

Sergey Dolgopolski, the author of What Is Talmud?: The Art of Disagreement, has a new book on the Talmud, The Open Past: Subjectivity and Remembering in the Talmud. If life in time is imminent and means an always open future, what role remains for the past? If time originates from that relationship to the future, […]

Ruth Calderon’s Heder

Ruth Calderon used to have a show on Israeli TV called החדר. The shows featured Calderon and a guest or two who addressed issues relating to Judaism and Jewish culture, Zionism, Jewish texts, and Israeli culture. Archived videos of the program can be found here. Below is an episode that discussed Bave Metzia 84a, Rabbi […]

Carol Gilligan and Jewish Law

Carol Gilligan’s book In a Different Voice had a tremendous influence on our understanding of gender and morality, even as some disagree with her theories. This is how one website summarized her findings: In the book, Gilligan outlined her findings on female moral development and decision-making, drawing on studies with children and university students. In […]

Halakhic Authenticity and Conservative Judaism

Rabbi Len Levin has posted online an article of his titled “Is the ‘Halakhic Authenticity’ of Conservative Judaism a Broken Myth?” Here are some of his conclusions: But for Kaplanians and Heschelians alike, affirming the halakhic seriousness of Conservative Judaism is (I here disagree with my teacher Rabbi Gillman) not just the equivalent of “Hooray […]

Smokers as Invalid Witnesses

NRG is reporting (Hebrew) on a new halakhic ruling that is found in the newest issue of Teḥumin. Rabbi Eliyahu Abergil of the Jerusalem Beit Din is cited as saying that: A person who is aware of the severe damage that is caused by smoking cigarettes, and continues to do this, transgresses the prohibition of […]

Eruvin 67-68: Talmudic Manuscripts and the Shabbes Goy

[The following post is a revision of two posts from six years ago.] Followers of Daf Yomi recently read one of the most important Talmudic sources that addresses the question of a Shabbes Goy, i.e. a non-Jew who performs an act on behalf of a Jew that is prohibited for a Jew to do. On […]

Midreshet Lindenbaum Expands

Midreshet Lindenbaum recently dedicated what some claim to be the largest Beit Midrash in yeshiva dedicated to study by women. NRG reports (Hebrew) that in addition to the new Beit Midrash there are intentions that in two years they will have a program for women to learn dayyanut, a high-level of learning that would qualify […]

Interview with Ruth Calderon on the Talmud

There is an interview (Hebrew) on the website Kipa with MK Ruth Calderon. Here is one snippet. …Talmud is a project unlike any other. It is a sort of frozen product that you reheat anew. It is the frozen food of intellectuals, of people who love wisdom more than the bottom line. Talmud is not […]

Video: History of the Jewish Book Since Printing

The video of is from a lecture at the Library of Congress. Hat tip goes to Alfonso de Zamora on Twitter.

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