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Candidates for Chief Rabbi Answer Questions

On Wednesday evening in Israel two new Chief Rabbis will be elected. Ynet has posted an article (Hebrew) that includes short bios of the candidates plus answers to a number of questions that they sent all of them.

BBC on the Talmud

The first episode of the BBC radio series on the Talmud can be found here.

Book Reviews on Non-Jews in Ancient Rabbinic Culture and Medieval Ashkenaz

The blog of the Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization has posted two recent book reviews that may be of interest. The first is a review of Jenny Labendz’s Socratic Torah: Non-Jews in Rabbinic Intellectual Culture. In Socratic Torah, Jenny Labendz sets out to challenge assumptions of insularity and parochialism among the rabbis of […]

Levi Eshkol against the Mehitzah at the Kotel

For anyone interested in the history of the disagreements regarding the status of the Kotel, below are two very interesting articles. The first is an interview from the August 7, 1967 edition of Davar with the then Minister of Religion Zerach Warhaftig. After reading this article it is possible to see that the tension surrounding […]

Videos of Talks on the Talmud at the NLI

The National Library of Israel recently hosted a number of talks on the Talmud, its history, interpretation, and place within Israeli society. They featured a variety of speakers and artists. A review of one of the sessions can be found here. The lectures are in Hebrew.

Daniel Sperber on Women Reading Torah

The following is a video of a recent talk given by Rabbi Prof. Daniel Sperber on women reading from the Torah. The talk is in Hebrew and was given at Kehillat Darchei Noam in Modi’in. (HT)

The Ninth of Av as a Day of Celebration

Moshe Benovitz of the Schechter Institute has a thought provoking post about Tisha B’av and Yom Ha’atzmaut. Both the Bible and rabbinic literature do single out a number of days, and one day in particular, as the day on which to celebrate the restoration of the land of Israel and the holy city of Jerusalem […]

When Was the Talmud Written?

Over the past year much has been written about the orality of the Talmud and when it was written down. Recently there was a conference at Bar-Ilan University on numerous aspects of Talmudic and Rabbinic literature. I want to thank a friend who teaches at Bar-Ilan who was kind enough to send me a link […]

Rabbi Asher Weiss

In a conversation on Facebook about the current campaign for the office of Chief Rabbi, EF wondered why Rabbi Asher Weiss’s name hasn’t come up as a potential candidate. While it is obvious that Rabbi Weiss’s learning clearly qualifies him to be Chief Rabbi, it seems that in the past he has made it clear […]

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