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Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef on Traveling to Uman

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef graciously criticizes (Hebrew) those who abandon their families in order to go to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s grave on Rosh Ha-Shannah. For those interested in Rav Ovadiah’s place within Israeli culture, the comments on the video from his Facebook page are in a way just as interesting as what he said. For […]

The Beginnings of Shas

Below is a short video (Hebrew) about the beginnings of the Shas party. The video includes some interesting interviews and footage. One thing that I didn’t know was that the beginnings of Shas are to be found in elections for the Jerusalem Municipality in 1983.

I Found an Open Opening

Probably anyone who has studied the first chapter of Tractate Ketubot in the Talmud is familiar with the phrase “I found an open opening” (“פתח פתוח מצאתי”). For those interested in exploring this question from the perspective of Talmudic literature, I recommend my friend Josh Kulp’s article “‘Go Enjoy Your Acquisition’: Virginity Claims in Rabbinic […]

Contradicting Rashi at the WCJS

Musaf Shabbat has a number of very interesting articles (Hebrew) as usual. There are two about the Israeli-version of Half Shabbos and a third about the WCJS. This last article seems to be upset that in a keynote lecture, Judith Hauptman claimed that there are many examples of stories (מעשים) in the Talmud about Babylonian […]

Kaveret’s Farewell Concert

Last night in Tel Aviv the Israeli band Kaveret (a.k.a. Poogy to many outside of Israel) played what will most likely be their final concert. For those who weren’t in attendance or who didn’t hear it broadcast live on the radio, Reshet Gimmel has posted a recording of the concert and it can be listened […]

Video: Conference on Prayer and Liturgy from BGU

Earlier this year Ben-Gurion University hosted a conference on prayer and liturgy. Videos of the presentations from the conference have been posted to Youtube and below are a few of them. Most of the videos are in Hebrew. Hat tip to Michal Bar-Asher Siegel whose talk on “Prayer in Rabbinic and Monastic Literature” is the […]

Did Rabbi David Lau Invent the Internet Responsum?

Recently elected Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau has been in some hot water lately, although I am not sure if it has yet to reach yad soledet bo. The July 27, 2013 edition of Yediot Aḥaronot contained an interview with Rabbi Lau that included the following exchange. לאו ירש מאביו את היכולת לדבר ישראלית ולא […]

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