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Israel Education Circa 1930

I stumbled across this interesting article about Israel,then Palestine, Education from 1930. Many of the issues and arguments seem to be the same today. Sanity in the Teaching of Palestine

David Broza Singing Kol Nidre

From Lab/Shul’s Kol Nidre service. Thanks to my sister-in-law for sending me the link.

Ten Most Widely Read Online Responsa of 5773

Ynet has published a list (Hebrew) of the ten most read responsa that were published on their website. 1. Does a son have to sit shiva for a father who had an affair (בגד באמו)? 2. Does a homosexual still have to observe the prohibition of being along with a female. 3. My parents oppose […]

Jenny Labendz Speaks About Socratic Torah at JTS

A Mizrahi Critique of Pluralism in Israel

Heli Bareket Tabibi and Eli Bareket have written a mizrahi critique of “pluralistic” Judaism in Israel. Their main criticism is that the pluralistic movements and institutions are Ashkenazi-centric. Two of their examples are that the texts studied in pluralistic settings are mostly from Ashkenazim, neighborhoods that are mixed secular-religious, but mainly consist of religious Sephardim […]

The Most Popular Israeli Rabbis on Facebook

NRG has a ranking (Hebrew) of the most popular Israeli rabbis on Facebook. The ranking is based upon the number of followers and how much activity on the Facebook page. It should be emphasized that not all of these pages are maintained by the rabbis themselves, sometimes they are maintained by followers. There are also […]

The Tannaitic Bible

In Musaf Shabbat Raphael Zar summarizes (Hebrew) the research into the differences between the Masoretic text of the Bible and what seems to have been the text used by the Tannaim, including examples from the Talmud. Earlier treatments of these contradictions can be found in Shmuel Rosenfeld’s Mishpahat Sofrim and Avigdor Aptowitzer’s Das Schriftwort in […]

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