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A Feminist Commentary on Sugyot About Yihud

Dorshot Tov is a new collaborative feminist commentary on a few pages of the Babylonian Talmud, specifically Kiddushin 80b-82b, pages that address the issue of Yiḥud. The book is the product of a study group under the auspices of Niggun Nashim from Mikhlelet Oranim and is also affiliated with the series that Tal Ilan is […]

Halakhic Transparency

Last week there was a bit of a storm for some members of Israel’s religious community, and I am not talking about the meteorological type. It all started when Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig published an article (Hebrew) in NRG about how during the big snowstorm last week the fuse blew in the house where he was […]

Halichot Olam-Parashat Shemot and Christopher Columbus

In this week’s Ben Ish Ḥai there were two interesting comments that I wanted to bring. The first was a comment regarding the many commentaries on the verse “‏ והיה אם־לא יאמינו לך ולא ישׁמעו לקל האת הראשׁון והאמינו לקל האת האחרון”(“So it shall be, if they do not trust you, and do not hearken […]

Israeli-Arab Sayed Kashua to Edit Ultra-Orthodox TV Drama

In what is sure to be an interesting mix, well-known Israeli-Arab writer and publicist Sayed Kashua will be joining the writing team as editor for the second season of Shtisel, an Israeli TV drama about an ultra-Orthodox family. I enjoyed the first season a lot and am looking forward to season two, although we’ll have […]

New Book on Eliezer Berkowitz

The History of Nachmanides’s Commentary on the Torah

The Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon has a very interesting book review (Hebrew) of what looks like a fascinating book. Yosef Ofer and Yehonatan Jacobs have published a book that examines the history of Ramban’s commentary on the Torah. Previous scholars had noticed additions to his commentary that Nachmanides added later, specifically those which were […]

Halichot Olam-Parashat Vayhi

The Ben Ish Ḥai on this week’s parashah focuses on the kaddish prayer and numerous laws about a minyan. There was an interesting custom about the recitation of kaddish that I was unaware of: יש מנהג פה עירינו שאם חל יום יארצייט באמצע השבוע מתחילין היתומים לומר הקדישים מליל שבת הקודם דהיינו מתפילת ערבית של […]

Conference on Finance in Religious Law

Finance in Religious Law: A Comparative Conference Judaism, Christianity, Islam Tuesday, December 10th 1pm – 5pm Wednesday, December 11th 9am – 5pm Harvard Law School Wasserstein Hall, Caspersen Student Center and Clinical Wing (WCC Building) Milstein West, Room 2019 1585 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138 Co-sponsored by: The Gruss Chair of Talmudic Civil Law, The […]

Happy Eid al-Banat

While for many Jews today is not only the seventh day of Hanukkah, but also Rosh Hodesh, for North African Jews, specially women, today is Eid al-Banat, or Rosh Hodesh of the Women. It is on this day that North African Jewish girls and women have a special celebration whose origins are unknown, although some […]

Interview with Adin Steinsaltz from 1969

Over Shabbat lunch a friend and I talked a bit about Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. One of the topics that we talked about what the evolution of his edition of the Talmud. How did he go about working on it? Who helped him with it? See this previous post on the question. In the interview below […]

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