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New Book on Babylonian Aramaic Grammar

Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal’s new book Introduction to the Grammar of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic is now available for order from Eisenbrauns. The table of contents can be viewed here. I just placed my order and will update when I have a chance to look it over.

Purim in Israel Under Austerity

While Israel as a start-up nation is the latest rage, people shouldn’t forget that for a number of years after the founding of the state, Israeli citizens lived under a regime of austerity and rationing, in Hebrew the צנע (Tzena). The amount of food and clothing that a person could buy was limited and determined […]

Shai Held on Abraham Joshua Heschel

Shai Held, author of the recently published Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of Transcendence, speaks about Abraham Joshua Heschel in these two videos.

War on Torah Brings Missiles

Just in case you were wondering why missiles are being fired at Israel, the Lithuanian Haredi newspaper Yated Neeman’s front page has the answer: “War on Torah: War in the South.” From Walla.

What’s With Those Hamentashen

David Golinkin has a nice overview of customs relating to different foods that are or were eaten on Purim. One of the foods mentioned by various rabbis was “Purim kreplech”. This custom is first mentioned by Rabbi Yozl Hochshtadt who says that his teacher Rabbi Yisrael Isserlein (d. 1460) did not want to eat kreplech […]

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