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Micah Goodman on Israeli Judaism 2.0

Micah Goodman has written an interesting series of articles (Hebrew) in Musaf Shabbat on the future of Judaism, Religious Zionism, and Jewish law in the State of Israel. (Parts I, II, III) Hopefully Micah will write at least a summary in English. Tomer Persico has written two posts (Hebrew) about the series. Below is an […]

Desecration of Terrorist Bodies

While there have been many heroic actions by Israeli citizens and security personnel during the past few weeks when responding to vicious terrorist attacks, there have also been a number of incidents in which citizens or even security personnel have beaten and attacked wounded terrorists who posed no threat or even desecrated dead bodies of […]

New Additions at Sefaria-Rabbi Shraga Silverstein Library

Sefaria has announced a very nice addition to their website, the Rabbi Shraga Silverstein zt”l Library. The library will contains numerous translations into English that were done by Rabbi Silverstein including important midrashei halakhah such as Mekhilta, Sifra, and Sifrei. A full list of the translations that have already been posted and future additions can […]

Eitam and Naama Henkin hy”d

In a blog post that I wrote a few months ago about the Mishnah Berurah and Arukh Hashulhan, I drew the reader’s attention to the blog of Eitam Henkin that includes many important articles about the Arukh Hashulhan. This evening Eitam and his wife Naama were killed in a terrorist attack near Nablus. HY”D. Eitam, […]

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