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Is Israeli Ultra-Orthodoxy in Crisis?

Avishai Ben-Hayyim, a reporter for the Israeli TV Channel 10 who specializes in the religious community, has been broadcasting a series of reports this week about the Israeli ultra-Orthodox community called “The Ultra-Orthodox: The Dissolution.” According to Ben-Hayyim the foundations of the Israeli ultra-Orthodox world are undergoing an unprecedented shake up. These foundations are the […]

Eugene Borowitz z”l

Eugene Borowitz, one of the most influential Jewish theologians of post-WW II America has passed away. Borowitz, an ordained Reform rabbi, taught for many years at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. He engaged with the thought of Jewish thinkers of all stripes, writing about not only liberal Jewish thinkers but also Rav Soloveitchik. In […]

Conservative Movement Officially Permits Kitniyot on Passover

Not that anyone is already thinking about Passover, but the CJLS of the Conservative Movement has just posted online two responsa that permit kitniyot on Passover. The first is a translation and modification of an already existing responsum in Hebrew by David Golinkin and the second is a new one.

Interview with Shai Held about Heschel, Honor, and Doubt

I highly recommend this interview with Shai Held from Mechon Hadar about Mechon Hadar, Heschel, the role of doubt in religion, and a few other things.

New Book: Halakhic Writing in a Changing World

Tomer Persico has a quick summary (Hebrew) of Maoz Kahana’s new book Halakhic Writing in a Changing World, from the ‘Noda Biyhuda’ to the ‘Hatam Sofer’, 1730-1839 (Hebrew). The book, based upon Kahana’s dissertation, examines the differences between the halakhic approaches of the Noda Biyhudah and the Hatam Sofer. The following is from the English […]

A Left-wing Israeli MK from Joint List and Jewish Law

Dov Khenin, a member of the Israeli Communist Party and an MK from the Joint List, recently proposed a change in Israeli law that was almost identical to Jewish Law. According to Khenin, it wouldn’t be legal to convict a person solely on the basis of a confession. This is essentially in line with the […]

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