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Repost: Sabbath Firemen and Jewish Law

In light of the recent fires in Israel I am posting a link to an old post from this blog that addresses the evolution of the issue of fighting fires on Shabbat in Jewish Law, Sabbath Firemen and Jewish Law. May those fighting the fires continues the holy work that they are doing. Shabbat Shalom.

New Article: Military Conquest and Private Ownership in Jewish and Islamic Law

This looks like a very interesting article, “The Effect of Military Conquest on Private Ownership in Jewish and Islamic Law.” This article presents the legal outlooks of two fundamental religious judicial systems—the halakha of Judaism and the shari’a of Islam—on the effect of war on private ownership. Specifically, we address the situation in which the […]

Leonard Cohen on the Akeidah

Much has been written about Leonard Cohen, but I just wanted to post two things. One is his beautiful midrash on the Akeidah for this week’s parashah, and the another is a recording of a concert of his from Tel Aviv in 1980. Shabbat Shalom.

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