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Kibbutz and Secular Haggadot Online

The past few years have been revolutionary in the access that people have to the thousands of haggadot that have been published over the centuries. First Hebrew Books published online a very large number of haggadot, and now I have become aware of a large collection of secular and kibbutz haggadah. The latter is a […]

Shaul Stampfer on the Myth of the Khazar Conversion

The other day I went to see the exhibit 500 Years of Treasures from Oxford at the Yeshiva University Museum. While I was there I was also able to listen to a lecture by Shaul Stampfer on The Myth of the Khazar Conversion and the Origin of the Ashkenazi Jews. Stampfer has spoken about this […]

New Book on Amram Blau and Neturei Karta

A few months ago I wrote a post about Amram Blau, Ruth Blau, and Neturei Karta, as a follow up to this post I’m happy to say that Prof. Kimmy Kaplan has just published an entire book on Amram Blau and Neturei Karta. A tweet by Elli Fischer has renewed discussion into the affair and […]

Demographics of American Clergy

The New York Times has an article about an interesting study about the demographics of American clergy. I don’t think that the political affiliation of non-Orthodox clergy is much of a surprise, nor that Jewish clergy are very educated and live in the most wealthy and white areas. The numbers that are worrying for the […]

Intro Video to Gemara Sedura

I am a big supporter of using Gemara Sedura and now there’s a short video about it. You can download PDFs of certain chapters in the Gemara Sedura format here and here.

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