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Another Kashrut Issue for Gelatin

The kashrut of gelatin from animal sources has been a very talked about issue for over a hundred years. Summaries of these discussions can be found  , here, and here.

Not to make an already controversial issue (for some) more complicated, what do you think about gelatin derived from human DNA. Green Prophet writes the following:

The latest stomach-turning development in the science of food processing is gelatin derived from human genetic material. According to this article from the American Chemical Society, scientists at the University of Chemical Technology in Beijing, China, are working on culturing human collagen genes to yeast. In this highly synthesized process, the human-DNA-laden yeast does what yeast does so well, reproducing itself many times over and making massive amounts of gelatin. The advantage in this gelatin over the conventional animal-based kind, is being able to get around allergic responses and risk of infectious diseases carried by animals, claim the Chinese scientists.

Would it be fleishig? Pareve? Or maybe just gross.

2 Responses to “Another Kashrut Issue for Gelatin”

  1. 1
    Jeremy g:

    Noting breast milk is pareve, I bet pareve, j

  2. 2
    Random Arrow:

    Not my place to comment on religious issues I don’t fully understand. And the DNA food technology stuff is news to me too. Despite my love for biology.

    This DNA stuff – is creepy. Remember the scene in The Matrix where Morpheus says to Neo, “they liquify the dead to feed the living.”





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