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Arik Einstein z”l

There have been many good pieces written about Arik Einstein in the past day. A few that I liked are here, here, here, and here.

Below are a few videos that I would recommend to get a taste of who he was.

Here is video from the wedding of his ultra-Orthodox daughter to the son of his close friend Uri Zohar had become ultra-Orthodox some years before. (HT Oneg Shabbat)

2 Responses to “Arik Einstein z”l”

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    Wow. BDE. Did not know he died. Thank you.

  2. 2

    Boy, Haaretz is so foul, how do read that paper? You link to their writer’s review, and the first line the guy writes that Einstein was Israel’s Sinatra, Presly, and “Bruce Springstein.” Oh, really? Bruce Springstein is despised by half the country, a political hack and a well-known hypocrite too. And though I have no interest in reading anything further, not that the firewall permits it anyway, the writer is quoated in the first article saying “Einstein was the embodiment of the new, liberal, secular Israel that we once thought we would be.” Who’s “we”, buddy? Einstein was beloved by Israelis of all stripes, not just left wing chilonim.


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