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Binghamton, NY – Wagner’s Kosher Bakery Closes

It was with great sorry that I read the following article. In my years at SUNY Binghamton I had many hallot from Wagner’s, and they were as good as they come.

Binghamton, NY – Wagner’s Kosher Bakery Closes

Binghamton, NY – After more than 30 years in business, Wagner’s Cakes & Cookies has closed its doors, leaving customers scrambling for kosher baked goods.

The business, which has been closed for vacation for two weeks, was scheduled to reopen today, according to the business’ answering machine. Attempts to contact owners Jim and Lori Wagner were unsuccessful.

One local bakery — The Black & White Cookie Co. in Binghamton — is working to produce some of the kosher goods, company President and Chief Executive Officer Joshua Auerbach said.‘We’re doing everything we can,” he said.

The company is in the process of working with Orthodox Jewish officials to prepare the bakery to produce the kosher goods, Auerbach said.
The business produces kosher dairy goods, he said, but the new products will need to adhere to strict kosher guidelines, which means separate mixers, ovens and other items must be used to produce the two types of kosher baked goods.

Auerbach said he’s hoping he can meet all of the regulations at his current location on Griswold Street.
With two upcoming holidays, Rosh Hashanah in September and Yom Kippur in October, there is an urgency to have a facility that can handle the orders, he said.

Hillel Academy of Broome County alone typically orders 30 loaves of challah, a traditionally braided kosher bread, each week, Auerbach said.
“We’re doing as much as we can as fast as we can,” he said.

(Via Vos Iz Neias.)

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    Hi. I Represent a Kosher Bakery In Rochester NY. From What I can see we are about the only kosher source for about a 400 mile radius from Toronto , Canada to Binghmaton , NY and maybe farther. We have had people taste out Challah and actually had a butcher shop in Buffalo start carrying our challah., The taste of our challah is far superior to anything coming from Canada. We are under the supervision of Rabbi Shaya Kllimnick, an orthodox Rabbi in Rochester, NY. We offer a complete line of baked goods as well as the ability to fulfill special orders. We are looking for an opportunity to provide fresh goods on a regular basis to the Syracuse area. Needless to say the size of the order would have the justify the trip. We look forward to contact from any business/consumer who would like to coordinate a weekly delivery of our products from our home to yours. Please contact me via the following number: Ira Goldberg
    585-530-9058. Thank you




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