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New Journals from Magnes Press-Spring, 2017

Some new journals from Magnes Press: Tarbitz 84, 3 Nili Samet – New Light on the Administrative Term bÄ“n bayît in Biblical and Rabbinical Sources Bezalel Bar-Kochva – The Religious Persecutions of Antiochus Epiphanes as a Historical Reality David Henshke – Between Blessings and Prayer: On the History of the Amidah Prayer Mordechai Sabato – […]

Leopold Zunz: Creativity in Diversity

Ismar Schorsch’s has a new book out on one of the most central figures in modern Jewish studies, Wissenschaft des Judentums, Leopold Zunz: Creativity in Adversity In 1818, with a single essay of vast scope and stunning detail, Leopold Zunz launched the turn to history in modern Judaism. Despite unending setbacks, he persevered for more […]

Learn the Basics of Palaeography

The Institute for Historical Research, which is associated with the University of London, is offering a free online course in Palaeography. (HT: PhiloBiblos) Medievalists have always found it difficult to interact with primary sources from their period of study due to a lack of training in palaeography (and manuscript studies), that is to say, the […]

Israel Antiquities Authority Archive

The Israel Antiquities Authority has begun to post online the archive from the period of the British Mandate. It is sure to be one of the most important resources for the study of life in Palestine during the British Mandate. Its focus is on material about archaeological excavations that were conducted during that period or […]

Jewish Law Association Call for Papers–Jewish Law: The Next Generation

Borrowed from the Legal Theory Blog: The Jewish Law Association is now accepting applications from graduate students, law students, and other emerging scholars, to participate on a plenary panel at the 17th International Conference of the JLA, which will be held at Yale Law School on July 30-August 2, 2012. The goal of the panel […]

JTSA Press Goes Digital

JTSA Press is currently in the process of transferring many of its titles to digital format. There is also a project underway to digitize many of the titles in Hebrew that it publishes in Israel. See their Ebook store (here) for titles available in digital format. Many of the print books are available from Dan […]

How to Recognize a Good Source

The Talmud Blog has posted a report by Jane Kanarek on a conference in Berlin, “‘A Woman in the Temple Court?’ Women in Seder Qodashim and in the Temple.” Jane wrote that The most striking part of the conference has been the ways in which, by bringing new tools and questions to bear on the […]

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