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The Jews Own Manhattan

An eruv is one of the markers of a vibrant observant Jewish community, thus it is no surprise that there is an eruv around most of Manhattan. The Manhattan Eruv has an interesting history, and Adam Mintz has written a good overview of that history. The Manhattan Eruv has already been written up in the […]

Israeli vs. Diaspora Judaism: Micha Goodman vs Shai Held

Take time out of your day to listen or watch this discussion between two of the most important Jewish thinkers today. (HT to Life in Israel)

Profile of Rabbi Asher Lopatin

Tablet has a nice profile of Rabbi Asher Lopatin who will be taking over from Rabbi Avi Weiss as the president of Yeshiva Chovevei Torah. Here are two interesting bits from the article. At the same time, Lopatin is taking steps to make Chovevei into a hub for progressive Orthodox thought. The board has agreed […]

Israel-Diaspora Relations for the 21st Century

Makor Rishon is reporting that the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has decided to sponsor a conference intended to help nurture the next generation of Diaspora leadership. The author of the article Ariel Kahana, writes that there was some opposition among certain government ministries, since the goals of the conference are a strengthening of Diaspora communities […]

Ed Koch’s Jewishness and His First Trip to Israel

In a tweet Jeffrey Goldberg called Ed Koch “An utterly unique New Yorker, a charismatic leader, and an upstanding Jew.” Jonathan Soffer’s book Ed Koch and the Rebuilding of New York City contains some interesting details about Koch’s relationship to Judaism and Israel. The first source is about some of Koch’s experiences in Congress as […]

Early New York Synagogue Archives

The Center for Jewish History is hosting a collaborative project, Early New York Synagogue Archives. It contains pre-20th century archival material from Shearith Israel, B’nai Jeshrun, and Ansche Chesed. The material can be found here. HT from the National Library of Israel Twitter feed.

An Eruv Grows in Brooklyn

Rabbi Adam Mintz’s article from the latest issue of Ḥakirah, A Chapter in American Orthodoxy: The Eruvin in Brooklyn, is available online. HT: Prof. Lawrence Schiffman on Twitter.

YU Museum Exhibit on the Eruv

The Yeshiva University Museum at the Center for Jewish History will be running an exhibit through June 30, 2013, “It’s a Thin Line: The Eruv and Jewish Community in New York and Beyond.” Details can be found here. HT: Prof. Lawrence Schiffman’s Twitter feed.

From Spy House to Talner Beit Midrash

Across the street and down the block from our building is a twenty-story Russian diplomatic residence. It is one big eyesore, but apparently it was either that or public housing, and like most middle-class neighborhoods, the residents preferred the diplomatic residence. Old-timers in the neighborhood tell stories about all of the FBI agents who used […]

Siyyum Hashas

Some of you may be going to the Siyum HaShas at MetLife stadium. Does this gathering tell us anything about the present state of American Jewry? Debra Nussbaum Cohen writes: The Siyum Hashas dwarfs other American Jewish gatherings, underscoring the recent growth of the Orthodox community, as highlighted in a recent Jewish population study conducted […]

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