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The Gemara Card

Many people who study Talmud are familiar with Rabbi Yitzhak Frank’s books Grammar for Gemara & Targum Onkelos: An Introduction To Aramaic and The Practical Talmud Dictionary. In addition to these books of Rabbi Frank we now have The Gemara Card, a laminated large-format pamphlet that includes some highlights from Rabbi Frank’s books: translations of […]

Aramaic Radio Broadcasts from Israel

It turns out that Radio Reka, the division of Israel Radio whose broadcasts are in non-Hebrew languages and are geared towards immigrants has a daily broadcast in Aramaic. The programs can be found here. Most of the fifteen minutes is devoted to music.

New Book on Babylonian Aramaic Grammar

Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal’s new book Introduction to the Grammar of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic is now available for order from Eisenbrauns. The table of contents can be viewed here. I just placed my order and will update when I have a chance to look it over.

Facebook in Aramaic

It all started with a humorous list of Facebook-related words in Aramaic. Now there is an entire Facebook group called Status Updates in Aramaic. (HT)

Introduction to Aramaic

Webyeshiva, one of the best online sites for the study of Jewish texts and thought, is offering a short introductory course in Aramaic. The course is free of charge and all classes are archived. All you have to do is to register. The teacher is Rabbi Dovid Fink. How can you not like a course […]

Talmudic Amulets

Haaretz has an article about a large collection of amulets that are being offered for sale. There was one paragraph in the article that is on the borderline between misleading and just wrong. The medieval scholar Maimonides, as well as rabbis in the talmudic era, prohibited Jews from using amulets, especially those made from parts […]

Kosher Food in Neo-Aramaic

On H-Judaic there is a discussion about Kosher and Halal meat. The following comment by Yona Sabar was interesting. The word kasher/kosher is not “universal”. Among the Neo-Aramaic speaking Jews of northern Iraq, the Arabic word, Halal with an Aramaic suffix, Halala, was used for “kasher”;and Harama for “unkasher”. Very “Kasher” meat was Halala ‘ikh […]

New Aramaic-Hebrew Dictionary

Prof. Daniel Sivan and Dr. Chaim Dihi have written a new Aramaic-Hebrew dictionary. The dictionary is for the reader who wants to familiarize themselves with Aramaic words which are used in modern Hebrew.

Lecture on the DSS and the Study of Hebrew and Aramaic

Professor Steven Fassberg will be speaking at JTS on The Dead Sea Scrolls and Their Contribution to the Study of Hebrew and Aramaic Date: Monday, February 8 Time: 3:40 p.m. Place: Wingate Auditorium, JTS

Jesus and Aramaic

See “Which Language Did Jesus Speak – Aramaic, Hebrew, or Greek?”, by James J. DeFrancisco, for a discussion about the language of Jesus.

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