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The Sages of the Mishnah Win

Photos: IAA Shlomo Naeh has a new interpretation of what was thought to be a seal certifying purity that was used in the Temple. According to Naeh, it is actually a token for a sacrifice. Thus, the object was used in Temple worship, but not how Reich and Shukron believe it was, says Naeh. To […]

Jerusalem of Gold

One of the most well-known Israeli songs ever is Yerushalayim shel Zahav, Jerusalem of Gold. Naomi Shemer wrote the song and it was originally sung by Shuli Natan at a song festival in Jerusalem a few weeks before the Six-Day War. An interview with Shuli Natan about the song can be found here. Here is […]

Summing Up Conference on Archaeology and Rabbinic Texts

Michael Satlow has posted some reflections about the conference on Archaeology and Rabbinic texts whose proceedings he summarized here and here. It was striking that almost every paper followed a similar pattern: it usually began with some piece of puzzling evidence, either textual (in the vast majority of cases) or material, and used the other […]

Archaeology and the Talmud: Day 2

Michael Satlow offers another nice summary of the second day of the conference Talmuda de-Eretz Israel: Archaeology and the Rabbis in Late Antiquity.

Archaeology and the Talmud: Day 1

Michael Satlow has posted a nice summary of the first day of the conference Talmuda de-Eretz Israel: Archaeology and the Rabbis in Late Antiquity.

Finkelstein Contra Aljazeera

From Haim Watzman at South Jerusalem: Worth reading: Israel Finkelstein’s rebuttal to Aljazeera’s propaganda film Looting the Holy Land, which accuses Israel of a systematic policy of stealing artifacts from the West Bank. Finkelstein is the Tel Aviv University archaeologist whose ‘late chronology’ theory claims that most of the finds once attributed to the era […]

Prof. Ehud Netzer z”l

PaleoJudaica is also reporting from multiple sources that Prof. Ehud Netzer has passed away. May his memory be for a blessing.

Prof. Ehud Netzer Seriously Injured at Herodium

According to INN (Hebrew), Prof. Ehud Netzer was seriously injured in a fall at Herodium. Prof. Netzer has been overseeing the excavations there for forty years. החלמה מהירה.

Tortoises at a Funeral

From the BBC: The remains of a huge 12,000 year old feast have been found in a cave in Northern Israel. Archaeologists working in Hilazon Tachtit found what they thought was a late Palaeolithic campsite, when they discovered tools and animal bones. However they soon realised they were looking at a large burial site, with […]

Conference at YU: Archaeology and the Rabbis

From YU: The Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies presents an international conference for Sunday and Monday, March 27-8, 2011, which will take place at Yeshiva University Museum and on our historic Washington Heights campus. The conference is titled: Talmuda de-Eretz Israel: Archaeology and the Rabbis in Late Antique Palestine. In the century since Samuel […]

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